Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Stumblin on an old friend :)

This past weekend I went out to see my parents, I hadn't been out since we moved into the house late December! I'm too hermity and not much for the phone so I need to make improvements on socializing. At least when it comes to family. I love em but I need to start pickin up that phone and tellin em!
Anywhoooo, we got into a super little yardsaling adventure and boy am I glad we did. We both really needed to get out and express ourselves in the best way we know how ;)
 We never intended to go out and prowl, we were really just gonna hang out on the porch and soak up each other's company.... but then my mom mentioned a yard sale and that was it.... in hindsight, I can see how this validly makes the menfolk upset. Add that to my list of self improvement :/
 So we made some quick sandwiches and sent the boys on their own (slightly less awesome) adventure....
 We went to a few sales in an older neighborhood that we know as a pretty regular hotspot and on the way out without even realizin what street I was on we passed Herb Hennekee out in his yard. And he was mowin his lawn with a push mower! So, I backed up and jumped outta the car and he was so happy to see us :)
And then he said "You wanna look?"
HA HA! Of course, we wanted to look ;)

 I had Sarah and my niece with me and Lord did they cut up! But I'm glad Herb met Sarah :)
 We didn't look long but we spent a quick $60. Honestly, my mom and I weren't interested in shoppin there that day. We were really just happy to see Herb. My mom is such a sweet soul....she really connects with people and I'm so proud to be her daughter. While I was bein young and slightly oblivious lookin through old records, she was talkin to Herb about his wife who's not doin too well.  Gee, add that one as well to the old list. :/

You know, I feel like this post is over.  I will pick it back up in a little bit......

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  1. YOU DIDNT TELL ME!!!?!!!??! I miss him. I miss your momma. I miss Tomball. I miss Charlie's rotten coffee... I miss yardsaling. I miss not having to work every day. I miss ya. BTW! Great pic