Wednesday, October 31, 2012


This waiting and not knowing if we'll get this house is killing my soul. My mind, will and emotions are slowing down and I recognize that I'm going into turtle mode. Remember when Artax sinks in the Swamp of Sadness in the Neverending Story?........ Delena, you can be Atreyu. Jesus, you be Falcor.

Melodrama. Pity party. Focused on self. Blah blah blah. I know.......yes, I know. Sometimes days just suck. And then tomorrow is better.


  1. I KNOW! Im sorry. But hey, I want this picture of us blown into a poster!

    1. That my friend, would make you a total dork if you made this a poster. There would be know comin back from there......

  2. I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!! Delena I totally want one too!!! we'll together holding hands and not come back :) Love you guys both!!