Monday, October 29, 2012


Reunion weekend stretched on and on to my delight. Sunday my older sis, Michelle, came out and met us at church. It was pretty obvious that God had read her Lisa Frank journal, He was most definitely conversing with her heart. I miss my Roseanne clan so much, lately. My little Emli, my sweet Patel even though you have retired the name. And Evie evolves more into Rhianna each time I see her. I wish she'd pick a more wholesome image. You know, someone like Whoopi Goldberg or Della Reese. Della's one classy woman.
  Emli is my perpetual playmate. We have some pretty exciting choreographed dance moves that were developed  specifically for our frames. Science stuff. You wouldn't get it even if I explained it in layman's terms.
                                                         This is the "She said what?!"
                                                   And here is  "Oh no she di'nt!"
                                My all time favorite, "A-Ha's Take on Me Keyboard"

                                               And finally, the "Purple Rain guitar leg solo".

                                 When we get our house, it's on Wright/Mercer/Rector family.

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