Friday, October 19, 2012

Everyone's comin to Emli's birthday

Sweet, sweet. Emli.... You are such a source of joy for me. We have a creative connection, you are the theatrical daughter of my heart, little girl. If anyone ever deserved a tween comedy show it is you! I had the MOST fun ever at your 80's birthday and girl, you were lookin totally 80's. Authentically 80's in those Beetlejuice pants ;)  

Mr. Lewis


Album cover 

I had more fun making your party decorations than I have in a looooong time.... It was the party I always wanted and still do ;)   Actually, it's my dream living room decor.

80's dance butts. The 80's weren't good for the posterior.

Awww.... mother/son dance moment.

Geez, Delena. Now everyone will think you don't throw down.....Love my bestest buddy.
   Let's do it again next year.


  1. what a great party!! i love that slimer cut out! and the beetlejuice pants!

  2. What?! Rae, you're not supposed to read my blog! I'm supposed to read yours and fantasize that I live in your house with all your AWESOME stuff. But seriously, thanks. Can you believe those pants are on sale right now at Target? Sadly, in the kids section :( And I would be glad to make you a Slimer cutout for your Halloween enjoyment. I love doing stuff like that but so few people ever ask and I can't really justify spending my days making 80's throwback characters out of poster board.

  3. loved it. Never put a pic if me again

  4. The beauty is that no one will ever see it. Frankie says Relax.