Monday, October 22, 2012

On your way to "Old".....

Sarah Bear, Sarah Bear, my baby's growing up..........

Daddy gives you flowers a lot, you're his little princess.

You wanted a cape for your 6th birthday so you could be "Batman Wordgirl" and you informed us all at the beginning of school that you had changed your name to "Red".  So a cape was definitely in order :)

I see you sitting alone outside for long periods of time. Daydreaming about wonderful, fantastical things, I'm sure. You have decided this year that you want a haircut like grandma Judy and you no longer like your "golden hair" but want white hair like granny Sally.  As you put it, "She's a woman, mom, you're just a lady".  So, I guess you are eager to mature, little woman. I love that you want grey hair and an elderly short crop. I love that you wanted glasses "like grandma because you can't see without them".  I love your little mind and how random your thoughts are. You make me laugh so often, and here I thought I was getting too old for the giggles! You're pursuit of growing old keeps me young. 
I love your stories, they are so looooong and so detailed. I hope you always tell stories. I believe it lives in your future in a big way :) 
I am proud to be your mama. I am proud that God gave you to me and I really see how wonderfully made you are, baby girl.

Oh my, how you look like my mother.


  1. she couldn't be any cuter. and that cape rules!

  2. I love you Sarah my beautiful imaginative niece, you always make my heart smile and my eyes teary from pure joy love you baby girl :)