Thursday, October 25, 2012

Makin do........

We were told that we were in "a 48-72 hour window of closing" this Monday. Now this morning we hear that they need more documents (exact same documents we sent 2 weeks ago, go figure) AND an addendum to our buying contract with the seller. The realtor is cursing, stressing, saying that this deal is just too much for her and she's about to drop out. Helpful, right? Well, thanks to the internet and all it's snoopy rabbit holes I saw that she has only sold 3 houses. Two of them to the same man. So, her diaper can sag all day. I aint changin it. Wouldn't it suck if she saw this? HA! I've heard from several folks that this is the norm, despite our Baby Jane realtor's meltdowns. And that's keepin me encouraged. Will ya'll pray that the seller is compelled to hold out for us? I know that this is our house down in my gut. Other's have told me to move on, even one church lady told me some cheesy testimony about giving up on certain house she "knew" was hers but turned out she got the one that was truly meant to be. This lady must've forgotten telling me a short while back that she was unhappy in her neighborhood setup and wished they had gotten something with a little land. Yeah. Chapped my hide. Still talkin about it, obviously..... So, let encouragement be sincere. Let it be G rated, R rated or NC-17 but for goodness sakes, let it be something the hearer can latch onto. Lofty means "high up" and if you throw out lofty life preservers the poor drowning sap can't catch it.......In the meantime, we're just makin the best of it here on the "farm" as Sarah calls it. This is a little bit of what's been goin on.......
            Just cookin with granny.

           Sweet moments readin up on holiday recipes.

 My nephew displacing me in my own bed to watch movies because my sister took over his t.v. My husband     seems to be cool with this situation.

 Secretly bringing a (formerly) stray cat into Papa's house. If my dad even knew what a blog was I wouldn't dare post this picture.

Catchin up with my poor abandoned pug, old man Toby. His story is so sad and tragic, could've been written by Shakespeare, himself.  
                 Playin in local dirt.
                                   Eatin local dirt.

                      Movies in grandma's tempurpedic memory foam bed. Here's to old!
                       Porchin it up like old timers.

Lots of time outdoors. Been so good for us!

I'm startin to catch the revelation that this time here may not be about us as much as it is a gift for my parents. I would be overjoyed to get time like this with my grandchildren when that time in life comes.
God is good, so multi-faceted and beyond our full comprehension.


  1. we actually had a nightmare situation with the first house we put a bid on. we waited and waited had put out money and finally right before our offer got accepted someone offered CASH for the house and got it. but it worked out because i like our house now SO MUCH better. i do'n't know if i'll ever move again because i don't want to go through that again!
    oh sweet toby! i love an old pug.

    1. Our crazy, unprofessional realtor told us that a neighbor has offered $95,000 cash for the house. If we get this house I will always be suspicious of which neighbor was tryin to steal my dream. Like it was personal, right? ;) Yes, Toby is O-L-D. I think I'm gonna profile him, a lifetime achievement kinda thing. <3

  2. You're so interesting. Don't keep it a secret.