Sunday, October 28, 2012

Giddy as a school girl

What a cool reunion weekend. My best buddy came to spend the night with us Friday. We used to live down the street from each other but since our "displacement" we've only seen each other once. From the minute she got here and the garage door was "broken" and kept getting "stuck"  we were cheesin it up. 

It was so good to just be with my friend :) Our friendship is straight out of a late 70's Judy Blume book. Yeah.....that's what it is.

 It was extremely satisfying to see your face as you saw the "punishment" bestowed upon you for telling the blog secret.
 And in the end you were not amused.
 Like a big ol' baby I tucked you in. You know that when I die you can have my quilt so quit asking.
The next morning like a dweeb, you woke up at 5:30 and out of politeness shared a whole pot of coffee with my dad on the porch. I would've told you how horrible my parents coffee was had you only asked. How was I supposed to know you were gonna get up before I could warn you ?!
The coffee was well worth the time you got to spend with a dad. You may certainly call him your own if it ever feels right to you. Remember that.

Jerome did what he knows best. Potato salad and burgers, your only request. Jerome loves you like a sis. You better believe it. 
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 You were so happy you played air guitar but told me that no one could see the pictures. See, I do remember everything you say, buddy.
My only regret is we didn't take any pics of our adventures at the barn sale. And I didn't get one picture of the world's best jacket :(  But another time, right? Love you re re.


  1. Your the best! I wanna punch u but ur awesome

  2. Ya'll are so beautiful to me :) (And u too ERickA!!!)