Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dear Michelle

Dear Michelle,

         I know you. I love you. Of all our family, your company is most pleasurable. We share a tackiness (that borderlines on downright trashy at times) and we just "get" each other. I see your yuck, yuck times and I still love you (you think you hide stuff from me, don't ya?) ;) You're a modern day Roseanne, a hard worker who gets little credit, an underdog whose reputation is smeared, a beautiful smile owner with straight teeth, a gorgeous hazel eyed lady, a mom who can't decide "friend" or "enforcer", an intelligent woman who makes dumb decisions sometimes, an amazing overcomer at times and a giving in to life's pressures person at times.
You have mastered the art of getting stuck in a rut and also getting out.

It's time to get out. Spiritual, self image, relational, career, parenting..... any of it. Jesus stands at the castle gates of our inner strongholds waiting for our call to rescue. We just have to stick our princess head out of the that little brick hole in the tower (there's always that little hole no matter how thick and impenetrable the tower brick is) and yell, "HELP!".....think Princess Toadstool.

So let down your golden hair. The Prince who never stops saving loves you still. He loves you always.

I know you won't mind being profiled like this for all to see. Because you have always put it all out there without airs. Your transparency in life, good or bad, is probably your most endearing quality to me. I love you big sis. Always will. Even if you punch me in the face.



  1. beautiful, amazing, awesome.

    what a sister!! <3

  2. I agree with Brooke. Beautifully written and totally true. Luv yall

  3. makes my heart sad, Jesus bring them all back to you!