Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Any consolation in "others have it worse" ?


We have been in the process of buying our first home for the past 3 months. Delays, delays, and loads of bull crap I'm sure, have landed us back home with my parents while we wait to close. I really don't need to describe this situation. I'm living back home. With 3 kids and a husband. In one small room. And my sister and her daughter happened to move back home the week after we did. Sooooo, you do the math.  It's a tight squeeze but we manage. And we vacillate between claustrophobic meltdowns and calm thankfulness that we have a welcome place to stay. The kids love it, of course. But the marriage feels like it's been packed in storage with the rest of our belongings. Between sharing a room with the kids and my parents being down the hall, intimacy is on a sabbatical. It's out in the world "finding itself", I suppose.

Small spaces. Feels like we're at summer camp. Well, I always wanted to go as a kid.

He's a goob. 
The cool thing about this situation is the opportunity to mesh with my family in a way that would have not happened under "normal" circumstances. Nerding it up with my 16 year old nephew who happens to share a lot of enthusiasm for things that no one else in my fam does. And did I mention that me and little sis were estranged before moving in here? Yeah, that's been an interesting God thing. A good thing. A restoring while slightly brittle thing. We're kinda like a set of antique dishes right now.

So just when I thought we were at the finish line...... God revealed another lap. I must need a lot of pruning, geez! But really, He is the author and finisher of my life. So bring it on.


  1. Keep praying and keep pressing in.... I didn't even consider the whole marriage thing. I'll be praying for your home. Miss ya

    1. Have to :) Thanks best lady. Miss you, too but you already know that.

  2. oh man, buying our house was a nightmare four years ago. it kept getting pushed back and back. we were supposed to close by halloween but it happened two days before christmas. just hang in there! it will all fade into the background and you'll be so happy in your house!

  3. Thanks a million. Very much lapping up any encouraging words as truth right now. We've been wrangling this house since July, I hear tales that we'll close by Friday. More campfire tales, I wonder ? Until then I'll keep living vicariously through your amazing home photos. ;)

  4. Like you always say sister "Jesus is our glue" man is that the TRUTH! There is definitely no ungluing that ever again, I am truly blessed to have you as my sister and in my life, you always speak truth to me whether i want to hear it or not, you and your family are truly amazing and a blessing and I am so proud of who have become, Jerome too. I just love your family so much!!!!