Saturday, October 20, 2012

Oh No, Unico!

I was at Tomball Emergency Assistance Ministries resale shop (I needed some emergency secondhand junk) yesterday and was pretty much done when I was cleaning up my kids wreckage in the toy section when I happened upon an epic treasure on the bottom shelf of kids VHS...........(the following is a reenactment)

                                 First, I was like ..........

         But then I was like.......

  And then I was like.....

BAM !!!!!!!!

Unico. A childhood wisp of a memory. A weird film, dreamy in quality with weird "water dripping in a cave" sounds that are classic to 80's anime. I haven't seen it since I was a kid and have been on the lookout for years in the resale shops.       Profound blogworthy news.

 They needed little convincing that this would be there new favorite movie.  
Addendum: Before posting this we watched Unico last night. I fell asleep and woke to two crying girls, distressed beyond belief. I quickly remembered after watching 1 minute that Lord Kuruku (bad guy) is the stuff little girl's nightmares are made of. I can now say with certainty that Unico robbed me of my childhood.