Friday, October 26, 2012

Punishing best buddy and Farrah hair

A blustery day in Southeast Texas! What a rare treat. You know, we wear winter boots, scarves, coats and all that cool weather fare as soon as it hits below 70 degrees. We're just sooo eager for a respite from the muggy, humid blanket we endure most of the year.  I always laugh though when I see those girls in daisy dukes with a sweater and Uggs on. Uggs shouldn't be worn with anything, I wonder when the scales will fall off these ladies eyes and they will see Uggs for what they truly are.  I think the southern term "hot mess" was thunk up just for em'. I'm feeling super country this morning. This weather puts me in the friskiest of moods. I feel like a springtime squirrel. If you know what I mean by that, you'll either blush or laugh ;) And man, my hair is so Farrah Fawcett today I just gotta get gussied up and walk around Wal-Mart or something! The trick is going to bed at 12:30 am with wet hair still wrapped in a towel. Brushes prohibited.

Well, I do have one order of business today. My best buddy, my one official "follower" of this blog has broken the ONE rule I gave her. She told an acquaintance about the blog. Oh wait! She told two acquaintances! But she told one of them the name. Hello there, Ericka ;)...... It does seem weird, I know, but I never wanted this journal to be like an extension of facebook or other social media where just anyone who ever knew you in passing could waste a few minutes while they're bored. I have so little of my own anything in my current living situation, this is my favorite thing right now. So here's your punishment, buddy. I'm taking away one of the gifts I have stored away for your Christmas and I am going to let you see what you have not won in the showcase today.............

                                 Here's a close up. As close as you'll ever get, buddy!
See you tonight at our adult sleepover, Lener. I love helping you retrieve the childhood you never had. That's why I buy you so many toys and gifts, friend :) You're reaction to said gifts are just like Ava's and Sarah's. Makes it so rewarding. My gift is giving presents and yours is properly receiving them. We make a great team.


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  2. for the record BUDDY.... i only told Ericka. She is deserving of this. ITs GREAT! and so is she, and so are you. I wouldn't welcome anyone who truly didn't care or know you. With this being said... You are not allowed to take away my owl painting. It goes with my decor (that admittedly, yes you began). Furthermore, you and i both know that you were never really gonna give me it to begin with;) Sorry if you feel exposed sis... Just showing Ericka how beautiful you really are! luv ya

  3. LOL! Good stuff. Here in Utah we walk around in shorts and T-shirts during snow storms. Love those cute little owls, they seem to be resurfacing everywhere now a days! :D