Monday, December 2, 2013

Turkey Day!

Turkey day......
 I love to see the workin class takin it easy for once.
 And everybody becomes a chef for the day....

 Gabe's rear end doesn't make any holiday changes, though.
Still hangin proud.....

 Thankful every day. This isn't just a holiday nod ;)
 Coley still sits with the little kids....
 I get to sit with the big kids.....
 Locke gets to wear this shirt......
which made think of Kimmie Jones, who could do a whole post on mid 90's licensed/gangsta apparel
(if she already hasn't)
 Cousins get to be silly....
 and sweet enough for one good shot out of dozens.....
 Spiderman gets to love on his uncle....

 And Chris gets to have a food coma (again).
It was great!!!! 


  1. Now THAT'S a Thanksgiving! I'll have to do my post-Thanksgiving post here tomorrow or so... Love to see you with all your family having a good time.

    But I do believe that Thanksgiving isn't just a day but indeed a lifestyle for you, Laura. That's what I like most about you.

    1. Thank you kindly, Geek :)
      You're always so gracious and generous with affirmation.
      But what I like most about you is your Sesame Street toy collection.
      Just kiddin ;) You're an awesome guy all around, friend. Can't wait to see that Thanksgiving recap from up north!

  2. Super happy fun times for Thanksgiving as it should be for every holiday family get together. Thanks for let all of us be a part of your family even for just a little while. : )

    1. Our holiday's at the Huey home are fun and super chill, no drama. Wish I could say the same for the rest of the family ;) Soooo glad we have our own home where we set the atmosphere, John. Thanks, man!

  3. ahhhhh! I was about to comment on the bugs and taz shirt...and then noticed you mentioned me. YES! That is fully worthy of a post! My sister had a tie-dyed surfing sylvester shirt of this same era. Making cartoons hip.

    1. I associate Kimmie Jones with all things in the tacky 90's category.
      And throughout the day I think at least once "Kimmie Jones could write about that..."

    2. Go look at my last post, someone commented about thuggish bugs bunny !!! What are the chances

  4. I kept up with your Thanksgiving on Facebook, but I am just now gettin the chance to comment. I am so happy ya'll had a wonderful Thanksgiving! That is really great and these photos are awesome!