Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mysterious strangers, bunny ears and a wedding....

Still recapping the weekend, this part's a whole ton of fun.....
I knocked out my first paid photo booth gig this weekend and it was 
an awesome experience. Well, technically I haven't been paid yet but I'm pretty sure the bride and groom are good for it ;) She's actually the one who suggested I start doin it for side cash. I have the suspicion that she really just had one to bless me. I mean, her and the groom never even saw it! But the pictures at least prove I delivered......

Jerome's such a good sport. He was dog tired but
he insisted on coming with me to help.
Love is supporting each other. Doesn't mean you have to look happy about it ;)

After setup I ran over just in time to see the bride walk the aisle.....

 Caught a few minutes of the ceremony before I offered to watch a rambunctious toddler so the mom could witness the vows......
 Went back and waited awkwardly for the guests to make their way over.
It was pretty cold out and I was worried no one would bother coming by.
I started to feel a little down.....
 It was gettin pretty lonely out there in the gazebo......
 But then the first family came out :)

 Then one of our Pastors from church came by....

 And then this guy.

 This guy made the night magical.

 Je ne sais quoi:
An intangible quality that makes something distinctive or attractive.
These two had it in spades.

 When I was done makin this fox mask I had doubts that it would work well for the booth.
But it was obviously made just for this guy. It's almost a seamless effect ;)

 Rambunctious toddler and I reconnected for a bit.....


 A self proclaimed "vintage selfie".....

 This guy stood on the outskirts merely enjoying the shenanigans. We coaxed him in even though he protested that he hated pictures. Well, he didn't even put up a fight as Jerome outfitted him personally with these adornments.....

 One of my favorite moments of the night.
Such a privilege to bear witness.....

 Still supportive.....

 And then this chick shows up.....

 Totally, totally smitten.
 No one plays with me. Ever.
And it was nice for even just a few minutes to have someone to play with.....

 Here's to new ventures!
And being open to just puttin yourself out there :)
Life is but a vapor,
make it a good one.


  1. This is absolutely amazing. What a wonderful idea. All the details are perfect. Great job and kudos!

    1. Hi, Melissa from Nebraska :) Thank you so much, I appreciate that.
      Where'd you come from? I'm always curious as to how people stumble over here....

    2. Hmm, I can't exactly remember. Been a few months I think. Some vintage something or other and I read a few of your posts and got hooked. Your musings are inspiring and funny. :-)

  2. What a great idea and girl, you aced it! It looks awesome! Also, I love those lights on the tree..fabulous.

    1. Thanks, Eartha. I been thinkin about you a lot, lately.
      I hope you're well and resting up and that your Christmas season is full of everyone who loves you. :)

  3. what a gorgeous wedding and a beautifully styled photo booth! I am envious of these lucky folks and I am be-smitten! Is that a word? Seriously, I think this may be your new calling, lovely! Hopefully word will spread and you will get some more gigs! Photo booths are hot right now and you could make bank!

    1. Kimmie Jones! You're always in my corner :)
      The bride asked me to do this and was so laid back with everything. She said that she wanted me to consider if this was a passion and worth following, it always felt when we spoke that she was more interested in my life unfolding than her wedding day. She is what we call a "life speaker", she likes to speak to people's dreams and call them awake. A woman as beautiful inside as she is on the exterior!

  4. Just awesome fun! And a great way to earn some extra cash as well. I would so be up to having my picture taken by you Laura i just need a wresting mask and we would be set to go! lol. : )

    1. Luchadore masks.... think you're on to somethin, John. ;)
      I will be making some, I'll show you when I'm done. Thanks, guy!

    2. Oh i can't wait to see them Laura!

  5. Such a great idea! Love what you did with the photo booth! Looks like everyone had a blast!

  6. Wow, those are amazing! Best of luck with your side business, I'm sure you'll be great at it judging by these pics!
    I'm going to stick to my cemeteries and other assorted things that aren't alive. :)

    1. I appreciate that, Dex :) Really I do.
      What do you do in cemeteries?! Do you photograph them?
      You're comment is very mysterious, indeed ;)

    2. One year at a family reunion, the gang was being assembled for a family photo and my wife had commented on how I should be doing it because I enjoy taking pictures. Coordinating 40-50 people for a photo is no easy task and I replied to her "This is why I stick to cemeteries, they're much easier to work with."

      You can check some out here:

    3. Oh my gosh, I really really know about the whole group photo thing. It sucks.
      I enjoyed this so much because there were no "rules" to people's pose. It was very liberating for myself and probably them to just do something ridiculous. I know that I had the BEST time with that woman who played so nice with me ;)
      Off to see your work.....

    4. Is that you with that guy "Jaws" from those old shows?! LOL!

    5. Oh wow, Dex. You have a great eye! Very nice.....

    6. Aw, shucks. Thanks :)
      Yes, that is me with Jaws from the James Bond films.

  7. they turned out great! what a good idea for a little side business, i hope you are super successful! you really did a good job picking the props!

    1. Thank you, Rae! I can't stop thinkin about doin another :)
      I wish someone around here needed a Christmas photo booth, I have so much kitsch that needs a justifiable reason for existence!

  8. Wow! What a set up! Looks like the set up home for traveling Gentleman Adventurer of the turn of the century.

    1. That means a lot coming from such a real, true blue artistic talent such as yourself :)
      The theme was "Vintage Travel" so I guess it was conveyed.

  9. So much talent! Oh my goodness, I felt like I was looking through the pages of a magazine or something. The bride was stunning, and the set up was just amazing. I love it. You are so talented Laura, you need to do more of this!