Monday, December 23, 2013

Sailor Moon for you!

So now we find out what happened with the "miracle doll" ......

 I grabbed a table before everyone else and set up the surprise.....
Who doesn't love surprises?!

It was marveled over.
 Rightfully so ;)

And the little loot box was exactly what it needed to be....

When I look at this little pile my heart smiles :)
I would be as equally excited to open a box with everything here! 

And this is a true artist. Drawin anywhere and on just about anything......

We had the BEST time. Another fireworks moment in our life for sure.
So at ease, just so comfortable and happy to be with one another.....

Oh yes. Ava was totally Moth. 
(It's so nice to have an inside joke. Our first one!)

Boy, we are so blessed! 


  1. Just smiling over here after looking at all the wonderful pictures here. : )

  2. Me, too John :) Priceless moments caught on film. It's why the camera is always weighing me down, I just know I'll miss somethin! Times like these make me glad that I do keep it on hand.