Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Geeked for Christmas!!!!

Yes. I have multiple posts jumpin the track in one evening....
I'm takin an internet break for a few weeks to start the new year off right and I could not neglect to emote over my awesome gifts from blog friends :)
So just enjoy!! And know in your heart's that I have no life and am spending New Year's clusterblogging...
Derek over at Goodwill Hunting for Geeks sent the whole gang a really fun box full of goodness.
Somethin for everyone in that box. It's totally the dad in him ;) 
Gabe knew what was his right off the bat!

And someone mentioned you'd forgot to pull the tag off this beauty. But I assured them that you had left it on purpose. You knew I'd love it more knowin what a great deal you got! ;) And I did!
The toys you sent for Jerome were well received, Derek. He was real touched by it.
Some of you on facebook were privy to a video of his musings over these two.
For those who weren't, I'm real sorry about that. It's good stuff ;)
Anyhow, they are up on the naked built-ins, the first members of the living room community awaiting what other treasures and odd friends will make the new year cut....

This vintage handmade puppet is perfect for my collection <3
Let's just say that he's bound for the built-ins gang, they better make room !

And you sent me a whole bunch of Playmobil and accessories that are fantastic.
This little artwork actually has a picture of the sweet lady Mason over at D.I. Treasures sent my way!
Look close, it's pretty cool....

WAY too much fun! There's so much goin on here, I can't stand it!
I'm sorry, Mason! You win some, you lose some  ;)

I absolutely adore everything about this scene. This is my angle right here.
Short, squat and cute. Just like I like em ;)
Who are these robotic/construction cuties from the late 70's/early 80's ???
I'm at a loss but they are headed to a knick knack shelf with the rest of this....

Why is this my favorite bit of your box? Me and my sister have already played with this stuff.
We were fascinated with it..... 

Funny story about this Jane, Derek. I noticed her on your blog and had a few ideas....

But since she's now here with me I guess I can open these old Tarzan Happy Meal toys
 I got you a long time back ;)

Here's some "Making Of" for this post..... ha ha!
 Jerome was genuinely excited and surprised about it!
He went into a dreamlike walk down memory lane (sorry non facebook friends!)
 The kids immediately went to poundin away on the beautiful retro piano.....
 The kids almost immediately went to fightin over it, as well ;)

My sister came by and demanded to see the box's contents since I waited for everyone to leave Christmas day so I could relish opening my presents. We need to sink our teeth into those rare moments when they come, ya know?

I thank you, friend. And I hope you're ringin in the New Year in style!
I imagine you out at karaoke tonight for some reason ;)


  1. Derek is one of the best! And am so proud to say he is one of good friends in the blog-o-sphere and i get all gushy and smiles when it comes to the McDonald Land stuff too. I really miss that stuff.

    1. Yes, he's like the best! We're all lucky to have found him considering the thousands and thousands of blogs out there!

  2. I'm glad the package was so well received. I am STILL in the process of de-hoarding m attic, and I plan on sending packages out to a BUNCH of my blogger buddies... but I always love seeing the pics of you and your clan all tearing through the toys and whatnot. I've got some more puppets somewhere. If I can ever find them they're heading to Texas. It ma be a little while though. I'm so glad to see that you guys all had a great Christmas, and I hope our plans for 2014 all come to fruition! Keep healthy and happy and blogging!

  3. YOUR plans. Not OUR plans. Now it sounds like we're up to something. Sigh.

  4. Man, I do believe I missed this post somehow. I did catch the exclusive Facebook content however. Great stuff. :)