Monday, December 23, 2013

Bloggers continue to amaze me. Miracles continued.....

So I wasn't gonna pen this because it's really a little sticky. But after what just happened, I feel it's begging to be told.
Well, you guys know I just finished a photo booth job a few weeks back. Here's the scoop in case you missed it. For the sake of condensing, consideration, character and whatever other noble "C" word fits I'll just put it like this. I expected over $200 but what hit my palm was $50 (you heard right, close your mouth) 
Obviously this bummed me out. Christmas presents were out. The postage for presents I already got several of you sweet folks was out. A nice Christmas meal was out..... Basically, it just sucked. 
Until this afternoon.
 I was brooding in my suckfest and feeling guilty about the little pile of packages layin under my tree from my blogger friends. I felt bad that I got only one gift sent out and here I'm sittin with all this. 
I decided to open one up and I knew it would be from my blogger buddy Carri in Tennessee. She had told me earlier that she didn't intend for me to wait until Christmas on opening it but I was clingin to my last shreds of childhood joy...... until suckfest, then I broke.
What I first noticed was the fruit snacks she included and that touched me. The quickest route to my soft spot is through lovin on my babies :)
And then, because Jerome was standing over me and I needed a little suspense in my life, I went for the card next. It felt heavy so I got excited for one of those singing greeting cards.....
Instead it was this.

And it indicated that it was for $200.
You heard right again. TWO HUNDRED dollars. From a friend who has never met me. 
I don't know if it's appropriate to share things like this, I am very uncouth when it comes to money etiquette. I hate discussing it myself and that's got a lot to do with my severe underpayment for the wedding gig. But this story reveals a few truths in my life. One is this: that we walk through life with some truly kind and generous people, don't ever believe it's a dog eat dog world. And secondly, that my Father in heaven is my provider.  I have yet to suffer a "loss" that he didn't reimburse. And he always does it through the most strangely random yet beautifully goofy events and people :)

Honestly, before I got any further than that card I went to my phone and called her right up. I know, I know. That's kinda crazy, I totally broke the blogger bubble and she heard the sound of my real voice but I just had to say thank you in a real live way! We've exchanged a few pretty random texts, some ridiculous and some that are just as deep as life gets. A relationship has been cultivating for some time now, the fertilization being words on a screen. It's just the age we live in, folks. It's not "organic" or a traditional way of meeting but I find that it makes it no less real. We really are friends with each other, maybe it takes a geek to get that ;)

You wanna see who this crazy, generous, random, witty gal is? Check her out at her place Wordy, Nerdy and Thirty...ish. I've linked a Christmas post from last year but I assure you, she's as tacky as ever folks ;)
I fell for her blog last year during that claustrophobic season when we stayed with my parents as we waited to purchase our house. The only "me time" was usually around 1 am at my parents dining room table with nothin but the hilarious tales from Carri, Kimmie Jones and Rae Sock  to keep me company.

And P.S.
She sent me homemade pickled green beans! What the what?! Miracles.........

So we're gonna have that nice Christmas meal, after all. 
And those packages are now gonna be "New Year's gifts" but they're comin and that's what matters.
Thank you, Carri. You guys did this. Read this to your babies, let em know they made a difference.
Hope you guys are abuzz with Christmas excitement! 


  1. Loving Christmas Spirit right here Laura just some wonderful people in the world. Another blog post from you and another smile on my face and a warm fuzzy in my heart.

    1. JOhn, you must think I live at the computer! LOL! I just go through blogging spurts, days without word and then just a big huge purge ;) Thank you for always chiming in and being such a word of encouragement and friendship :)

  2. bloggers are amazing people, i've always known it!

  3. I'm lucky enough to know carri in real life and over the last few years, she has become one of my truest friends! She's a beautiful person and these actions don't surprise me one bit! Over the years she and I have blessed each other back and forth and this lady has one of the hugest hearts ever. I must tell you that she was so insanely excited for you to get this package. She would text me everyday telling me she couldn't wait for you to get it!!! She's a good egg for sure!

  4. What a lovely story! That has to be the sweetest gesture ever!

  5. What a sweet lady. You deserve friends like that.