Monday, December 9, 2013

Clean hands

I've been catchin myself not setting things down here because of this thought,
"They don't wanna hear about all that."
And that's really so ridiculous! Boo Bobby is my experience and my journal that I like to look back on.
I forgot that for a minute ;)
Soooooo, where to begin..... how about this weekend.
Spent my weekend at Jordan Ranch in Schulenburgh, TX. Had way too much on my plate to take the time out for it. But I had way too much on my heart to not.
My spiritual need was critical, everything else would just have to work itself out....
 On Thursday night I asked this beautiful gal if she could help watch the kids Friday evening so I could attend the Encounter God weekend.
I guess her need was critical, too. She dropped everything and came with me instead....
Ahhh, the blogger foot. Gotta leave an imprint ;)

We're all just regular folk, with the same trials and pains as anyone else. Nothin "superior" or "holier" than anyone else. In fact, it's quite the opposite of the wrap we get. We find nothing good in ourselves that isn't God's doing. It's all about humility, folks. We're humbly seeking His face.

I got closer to some folks I already love.....
Was seated next to a woman that was always meant to be my friend. God's a mastermind at that stuff ;)
 This woman fasted for me all week. In layman's terms that means "Aint had no food!"
Seriously, though. Silly things like fasting are what God uses to confound the wise. He really doesn't play by our rules of reasoning. He's the Creator, we just like to pretend we've got this all figured out ;)
 God, what joy these pictures bring to me! Another "silly" aspect of our faith.
We're truly weirdos, I know! ;)

 Told you not to worry, I'd get a picture of your baptism, Amanda.
Think I captured it quite well.... just kiddin buddy. There's a few more I'll send you.
 Oh man.... this part.
When I got there Friday night an occasion to pray with another girl came up.
I felt so uncomfortable by her tears and her inner struggle. I lifted my hands to touch her and stopped.
In that moment all the struggles in faith and the wall I felt between me and God were given an answer.
My hands were unclean.
I had deep bitterness for many, many members of my family. Justified anger, all righteous indignation but nonetheless all offenses that I had no right to carry. He has forgiven my trespasses, which have been countless, so I forgave all of theirs. And not just with my mouth this time but deeply and sorrowfully from my soul.
And on Sunday night the opportunity to touch another and pray in spirit and truth came around again.
And I baptized my friend who only came on a whim, knowing only that she needed more.
My hands were clean.

And my life is in His hands. 
He places the lonely in families,
He sets the prisoners free and gives them joy.... Psalm 68:6

I've got a skip back in my step, I've got my "gidyup" back!
That's southern for all is well
with me. :)


  1. Yes and Amen. ;) Love you Laura Huey from deep down in there where you can't touch.

    1. Not even with a broom handle?
      I love you from the spot right above that spot. Just a fraction of an inch, though ;)

  2. I love that you share your life with us all. I think that is fantastic and don't ever think that folks might not want to hear it. People are always learning from each other and you putting your experiences out there for the world to see is bravery. I adore you! : )