Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Miracles

So we're talkin about Christmas miracles.....
I got one for sure :)
Starting with this humble little gift....
The kitschy retro goodness is miraculous, I know, but the BIG miracle lies in who it's goin to. And this Sailor Moon truly is a miracle, too! I wanted so badly to give this exact doll with the gift but it's a slippery fish on ebay..... We'll, I was helpin a gal have a yard sale recently and before I opened one of her boxes labeled "toys" I said "I hope there's a Sailor Moon doll in here"........ For real!!! I'm often late folks, but never a liar ;)
And this is THE miracle who's gettin that miracle :)
We have recently connected with the little girl who was born to us 13 years ago. She found us through a google search of our names. Of all places, it led her straight here to Boo Bobby. I never had specific reasons for beginning this blog and don't seek to broaden its viewership. I'm thankful that I did. I'm thankful that I do stuff that doesn't really "mean" anything sometimes. I'm often proven wrong on that point.....

I've been staring at this particular photo for a few minutes. It makes me cry.
Happy, thankful tears that carry a heavy gratitude. I am hit hard with just how much all of our lives have been covered in grace......

So yes.
Absolute miracles.
They happen.


  1. You live a blessed life Laura and i know i have said this before but Thank You for sharing little windows into that life. I always come away from your blog posts with a good feeling. : )

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and God Bless.

    1. Merry Christmas, John Gaither! Thank you, thank you. I am glad to hear that you get a good feeling here, I really do. I hope you and the wife have the most enjoyable time together on Christmas. :) Give her a big ol' squeeze from me and tell her Merry Christmas from Texas!

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  3. how amazing that she found your blog! i bet she loved it, and it must have made it easier to reach out to you, so see that you were such nice people. i'm so happy for your that you have gotten to connect, and that sailor moon! it was meant to be!