Tuesday, December 31, 2013

NOT a Trash Man. A Treasure Man. :)

Oh my vintage wonders.... 
I'm just about to ring in the new year with a 21 day fast from internet (with possibly a tiny allowance for email and blog updates). Regardless, I couldn't let a few things go unsaid for that amount of time so I'm racing the clock to set some things down....
I can't believe how much this Christmas box from Brian over at
 Pop pop...! It's trash culture 
is SO me. It really, truly like deep down touched me how much he gets me.  I can only hope my little return friendship pile is half as good.....
 Can you even believe this postcard?! True vintage and he wrote on it for us.
That's a humongous gesture, Brian. I receive it, man ;)
 This is just a few in a bag of vintage ornaments and baubles. I did in fact squeal about this.....
 I had these as a kid! And he knows it. He had to have known it ;) Even if I am not even sure this is a real memory or one of those easy to imagine scenarios.....
The school "store" used to sell these and I would beg my cousin Joey to buy me some, ha ha!
 I freaked out about this adorable cup. My buddy freaked out about this cup.
And my sister who doesn't care about cups freaked out about this cup.
 But I'm kinda scared of this movie, Brian. I've become a very sensitive soul as I've grown older 
and I may spend some of this flick under the covers ;)
The fact that it's a new in package movie is not lost on me, friend. 
 You hit me right in my soft spot with these two items. Vintage Raggedy Ann! 
And the Sailor Moon stickers..... oh my gosh, Brian. Really???? 
 I hope to sit and view this with Emily...... so this gift is way more than you realize.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I squealed about this one, too :)
Sure did!
 My collection has found their ruler ;)

FAVORITE item.......
 Rae, if you're there..... isn't it?!
This velvet mouse WILL be on display all year round.  ALL YEAR.
 And now I am going to share some behind the scenes of all the goodness goin on with 
your gift.......
Here's my first ever blog photo assistant, Coley.
She did an amazing job today and said that I could pay her $20 or just give her the $20 I owe her.

 Here we are on Christmas night opening your gift for the first time....
 That's me totally speechless, mouth genuinely agape. 
No dramatization.
 Okay. He started nuzzling my mouse but I'm pretty sure he was makin fun of me.....

 It's like I was holdin a new baby! Couldn't help it....
 And here's my buddy lookin at your box yesterday.....
 I know buddy. 
Me, too......
You have a gift of observancy. That's not a word. I know now because the red squiggly spell check line.
But it needs to be a real word for people like you. 
I've seen several folks speak of your generosity and observant thoughtfulness. And those were some pretty genius people so they can't all be wrong.
I can't even refer to you by your online moniker "Trash Man" anymore. 
Brian, you're the Candy Man.  You just are, so nod yes.
 Happy New Year, guy.  :)


  1. Brain is awesome! He sent me some stocking stuffers this year which had me all smiles too. Another one of those am proud to say we are friends on the Blog-O-Sphere. : )

    1. See, Brian? Another genius says your golden ;)

  2. dang what a good box! i love those little erasers, i used to always buy a clifford one at the book fair every year. and that mouse! i love it! is he sitting on a little swing so you can hang him up, or am i imagining that?? Amazing!