Monday, December 2, 2013

Kid's Feast and Jerome behind the lens!

So yesterday on a whim I did a tiny shout-out to myself,
kinda like a mini pep talk to to hit these keys.
Even Jerome has raised the question
"Why aren't you blogging?"

So, anyway he went up to the kids Thanksgiving "feast" last week and even asked me if I wanted him to take the camera. Who is this guy, lately?! I want his poster above my bed ;)

 He got some great shots! I was so impressed and laughed so hard when I saw the food closeup.
I asked him if he was trying to take photos specially for my blog! Ha ha! So cute....

I hate belabored/belated blog wrap ups for myself because I love to set down my feelings tied to the events.
But  Thanksgiving would be sorely missed when I browse down memory lane here.
Later, gator!

The empty built-in was not a foreboding message, just gettin ready
for the Christmas explosion. ;) 


  1. Christmas Explosion! That is going to what i call my TV Holiday special if the networks ever get back with me dang it! lol. Actually it is something i joke about with my wife about often but i would do it if they would let me on Television. : )

    1. You better not blow up Christmas, John!!! ;)
      I would throw myself in front of Christmas, sacrificing myself for all it's glorious and sparkly magnificence...... Hope you're doing well tonight, John and I hope you had a really nice Thanksgiving!

  2. Did I sound panicked when I asked about the empty built-in. I tried to mask it. Glad you guys had such a great Thanksgiving celebration, and I'm especially glad that Jerome is so interested in your interests these days. I will have to think of a way to reward him.

    1. This is just the school "feast"...... I have yet to recap the turkey day.
      And Jerome never gets presents from anyone. If he does it is always (ALWAYS) a package of socks or underwear.
      I will shed a tear as he opens that gift, Geek.
      A real, salty tear.

  3. oh man these pictures are even cuter knowing he took them for you! travis now knows that i'll want a picture of his lunch, or he'll suggest something for my blog. it means a lot!

    1. This made me giggle! We have such supportive menfolk ;)
      Especially seeing as how one of our hobbies leaves no option for their participation.
      Travis is a good one, Rae!

  4. Ah, it gives me warm fuzzies to see schools are still doing things like this with kids today. Thanks for posting!

    1. We live in the most Mayberry town imaginable. And I LOVE it.
      Santa and Mrs. Clause just cruised down our street in a vintage fire engine with the siren going off about an hour ago. They do it every year!
      Thanks for lovin it, Dex :)

  5. Love it, your kiddos make adorable paper sack pilgrims and indians.