Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Kimmie Jonesin!

Kimmie Jones!!!
Thanks a whole bunch blogger buddy ;)
Right now you're probably gettin doozied up in your 90's tribute outfit to go spend the New Year's watchin a 90's tribute band and I'm sittin on the old couch payin tribute to you ;)
What an annoying sentence I just composed!
Anyways, thank you so much for this perfect box of hilarious thoughtfulness.
When I look at this photo with everything set out on display I wonder what goes on in your spaghetti noodle brain. And I can't say much because you got all this with me in mind! Ha ha!

I love the fact that you actually made me something.  I know what goes into givin handmade, a whole bunch of heart! And Soul means your mind, will and emotions. My emotions are truly awake ;)

I wanted to give you two thumbs up but I couldn't operate my camera with my tongue.
Just not quite there yet.

And you gave me THE book! You guys have to read this post, it is HILARIOUS.
Gah!! Do I look Jewle-esque? Silently tormented for all the first world reasons a beautiful, talented young woman would be in anguish over? 

I love that you sent me this, big spender.
Money bags Jones, that's what they oughta call you ;)

These little guys were my happy place in that box <3
Oh my gosh! CUTE!!

And with a small clan to warmly receive them, as well :)
What is my deal with immigrant dolls?
You don't know the psychology behind it but you know how to push that button.

the favorite mug reveal.
You already knew though, didn't you ;)

Kimmie Jones, you blessed me.
I've grown to love you a whole bunch, Tennessee lady.
Bob your head just a little for me tonight to anything by The Cranberries, would ya?
 I hope your New Year's celebrations inspire you to see your fullest potential. This life and those who walk beside us are a gift :)


  1. I love that last picture of you Laura you look so happy and cute there. : )

    Happy New Years to you and your family and god bless.

  2. Ha ha! Thanks, John, I was very happy. You can't help but smile with a giant shiny heart over your head. I dare ya ;)

  3. I'm so glad those creepy Thai dolls finally have a home! My Grammy clearly bought them with some purpose and they are cute/terrifying so I thought you would love them!!! I'm glad you loved the big box of random. Seriously for months I've been pondering what from my collection I needed to pass on to you and who was gonna get the jewel book (the 5 cent jewel book that I rescued like a lost puppy!)