Saturday, August 24, 2013

Welcome to the front room!... Part one

If you been around for the long haul or just caught up with some serious back log archivin' (I can relate!)
you know that our home was a miracle wrapped in a death throttle (ours).
When everyone was tellin us to move on and let it go, we just kept swingin. I haven't formally shared much of the details of our home but now that life's settling back down from some major drama, I'd like to do just that.

Our front room was originally the formal dining room but if anyone can strip the "formal" outta somethin it would definitely be us......
I got two people givin me little girl lunch kits tomorrow. If it falls through, my girl's will be using these for school on Monday and I will be nervous about it all day. You think I'm playin?  ;)
A vintage koala bear that snuck up on me. Collections happen like that.
Knock-off legos from Playskool that are very difficult to join. No wonder Lego came out on top!
My little Tupperware Eggster with all parts, he was featured on here back around Christmas right here.
It sure would be nice if I started learning how to "embed" stuff instead of just mentioning it, right?

Yes. Owls run amok here.
But it's not obnoxious Dollar General  owls. These are more" seasoned" owls.
And I break up the owl craziness with a sprinklin of random childhood fuzziness.....
These golden spines make me think of that Goodwill Geek 
There's WAY more than that around here........
This little baby looks how I feel right now with wisdom tooth woes.... Aint lettin it get me down, I have the wedding of the century to attend tonight. And yes, I got "the dress". Been sellin all kinds of my stuff, but I got that dress!
It needs it's own post,  it really does.
Hope ya'll have as good a weekend as I'm about to have!


  1. Replies
    1. No one's taken a photo of me in it that does it justice!! Agghhh!!!
      I'll have to schedule some Glamour Shots ;)
      I'll think of you while I'm tippin my sequined Captain's hat!

  2. What a wonderful area for you and your family to spend time in and that toy apple i remember my youngest cousin having that when he was a baby. It jingles when you move it right?

    1. Yes, it's the same apple :) Can you believe I paid about a dollar for it?
      I love cheap nostalgia!

  3. I wanna see what those LGBs are darnit!

  4. I love how this is all set up. I have that same ceramic Lolly from the Get Along Gang! So much fun stuff. You have it all decorated really nicely. lol@ the seasoned owls. I liked that.

  5. Whoa, your owl collection is amazing! My wife and I love owls so much it's almost idol worship. My mom got me a sweet owl, its eyes are like staring into hyper drive!

    You home is so neat and cozy, I love it!

    1. Thanks! Of course there was some tidying up for blog pictures ;)
      Showcase some owls, sometime. :)