Friday, August 30, 2013

Hello! My name is....

So I got this invite from The Goodwill Geek  to participate in The League of Extraordinary Bloggers weekly topic. The Geek's proven to be a pretty solid guy, so I am happy to do so! And Miss M from Diary of Diary of a Dorkette also mentioned it to me, so it must be fate.....

Hello! My name is Laura.
What an exciting name, right?........

I started blogging a little over a year ago after being so inspired by other blogger's creativity and seeming zest for everyday life. Did my life become zesty after I started blogging, you ask?
Well, yeah. It kinda did. .......
Blogging made me more aware of the little comical moments in my Mayberry-esque Texas town, I  began to pay closer attention to the details in everyday life. The interests I had in all things kitsch, vintage, or just the plain ol' unusual finally had a platform that made sense. ........

A little about me......
I cannot resist an old Puppet, well unless it's over $5. I do have morals.
Nothin makes me happier than a vintage toy.....
Except this guy....
and oh yeah, these little people...
I have terrible photoshop skills. Wait, that's a lie.
I still use Microsoft Paint because I don't understand photoshop lingo...

I'm disturbed by a particular childhood toy, Puppy Surprise.
I have my dealer on speed dial (antiques, that is).
I'm saddened over the intolerance in our society toward's adults who still play with toys....
I can make all kinds of stuff. Just tell me what you want and I'll see it done.
 Even a felt Molses.....
Or a Slimer photo prop, if you're ever in need of one......

It's not all just fun and games, though. I sometime blog about the real and the raw, as my true passion in life is child advocacy and healing. Maybe that's what keeps me so childish ;)
I also sometimes get a wild hair up my butt and write about deeply personal matters that just need a release.
Just a warning.....
But for the most part it's all about the little treasures....

and the big ones...
I would wrap it up by saying that's about it but you know,
 it really isn't even a fraction  ;)
If you came by through way of the "League", welcome!
 Now I'm off to meet you, as well.
Here's some other folks with their juicy expose's, sooo worth a click!
Miss M over at Diary of a Dorkette, a totally rad chick who I would love to hang out with (until she caught me stealing her toys and kicked me out) ;) She is a She-Ra lovah!
The Trash Man, a cat lover who gives terrible advice and makes a Ramona and Beezus book reference (Kimmie Jones!)
The Goodwill Geek, if you've hung around my blog, this is my male counterpart (Sorry, Geek!)


  1. Well anyone with The Labyrinth on their page is a blog friend of mine! I love your blog.. It's refreshingly real. And kinda sassy. And you have some cool stuff that I love gawking at.

    1. Thanks Mama! I browse your blog all the time under the radar ;)
      And anyone who's son has a Lego blog is a friend of mine!
      I love lookin at your finds, too, blog friend.

  2. Man o nam, where to start?

    First, I guess, is how fantastic all the pics of your stuff are. Everything is crisp and the shots are well-constructed and colorful and jealousy! Makes me wish I managed more than low-fi, phone-camera shots for my own blog.

    The Slimer! "prop" is gorgeous and I am in love with it. That is all.

    And that gorilla puppet doesn't happen to be a golf club head cover, does it? It is eerily similar to one my dad used to have when I was a kid. I used it all the time to battle my "knock-off" Godzilla toy in several recreations/re-imaginings of Godzilla vs. King Kong.

    Oh, and welcome to The League..! I'm glad to see the Dynamic Duo of Miss M and the Goodwill Geek recruited you into the fold. They're both such awesome people.

    1. Oh my gosh.... it IS a golf head cover! I was like "hmmm...this is such an awkwardly built puppet..." Thanks, Trash Man, for cluing me in. And I feel bad for owning it now, because it was a part of your childhood and not mine :/ I will send you the Sailor Moon tape, if it's any consolation? I know that postage will be more than what I paid, but certainly not more than it's value in nostalgia ;)
      Thanks for the compliments! I am a failed people photographer who has turned to inanimate objects for comfort. The toys don't give me no lip ;) And don't worry about your photos, leave it to the ladies to make gorgeous layouts, ya'll just keep it manly ;) What you can do however, is enlarge your pics by clicking on them while you're writing your post and selecting another size for it. That makes a big difference.
      Talk to you later!

  3. Oh my goodness I loved reading this! It was so much fun and you seem like such a cool person. I'm really glad you are joining the League. Everyone is so nice and it makes me wish we all lived close to each other. Everyone just seems like so much fun!

    I use Paint for my photoshopping too, wich I don't do much of because I am terrible at it. But I love your photos! And I'm with the Trash Man, that Slimer is amazing! Totally amazing!

    Puppy Surprise freaked me out to growing up. Really anything growing up that had a whole pregnancy feature always kinda blew my mind because I felt like that was something made for an adult. Anyways, welcome welcome welcome! You keep doin what you do, your voice is wonderful. I hope all is well Laura!

    1. Thanks a whole bunch, Miss M :) Those are some terribly kind words and thanks for inviting me.
      Your blog is definitely in a class of it's own ;) I have yet to see copycat content anywhere that I've wound up on here, ha ha! So funny and lovin those toys!!

  4. I love this! I am so glad you started blogging...because I love your corner of the net.

    1. Kimmie Jones, your blog is one of the blogs that made me wanna join in! You're HILARIOUS. And I saw a Stephanie's Adventures Full House book yesterday and didn't get it for you... I am sorry.
      I think I owe you a dozen roses....

  5. YAY!!! Everyone's already said all I wanted to say to you! I hope you keep coming back to the League because your blog is amazing and fresh and different...

    But I have to say, unlike Miss M, I'm glad we don't all live close together because you would have to pat me down and turn my pockets out ever time I cam over to visit. You have ALL THE COOL THINGS!!!

    I love that family photo by the way. THAT needs to be blown up and framed.

    I am so happy that you found my blog while googling vintage Happy Meal toys because you have been such a rewarding person to read about, interact with, and become online friends with. Please keep it up!

    1. HA HA HA! Trust me, it would even out because I would be stealing from you, too ;) Maybe a tiny bit... and I am very, very glad to have found your blog, as well. You truly are my male counterpart! And I think it's you who has ALL THE COOL THINGS!!!
      The grass is always greener, my friend....
      Thanks, for making me do this (when someone writes PLEASE in all caps, that's totally making). It was super enjoyable :)

  6. Hello Laura it's a pleasure to meet you. : )

  7. Laura being my sister I love reading your blogs :)love hearing all the nice things your friends say proud of you sis!! Love you :)

    1. lol!! You're totally gonna be a counselor!
      Thanks, Coley :) I love you, too and am proud of you for real reasons, like going to college to achieve your dream of helping people (sooo much better than being proud of blogging) ;)

  8. Laura! You ARE the most awesomely genuine person I know and I'm honored to be your friend. Luv ya sis

    1. And you are my best friend so that makes you an awesome part of my kitschy collection... told you I love the oddities of life ;)
      I love you, Delena <3

  9. And now you're movin to wherever The Spirit blows you.... errrr ;)
    I have a goal to come shake your hand, hug you and look at your beautiful Jesus lovin face one time before you exit the area.
    Shauna Hursh, you are a gift to Texas and a shiny, beautiful soul.
    You bring out God's colors wherever you go, and they're blessed to have you <3

  10. You're very good at photographing your collection.

    1. Thank you very much, Erik. I appreciate that, a bunch. And you're a super talented illustrator. I went and checked out your blog :) Good stuff...

    2. Thanks Laura! Though I don't know why I was so surprised by the quality of your photos, when you look like such a photogenic person. All those cutely-awkward expressions, particularly at the disappointment at the kids-only toy bin, you could seriously give Zooey Deschanel a run for her money.

  11. Oh man, this is going to be fun having you in the League! I seriously want to learn about how you take such great candid shots. It would take me half a day to get a photo half as good as the ones you snapped.

    Welcome to the league, and be sure to add a comment over on this week's topic page to make sure everyone knows you put up a post:

    1. Thanks, Brian. Really, thank you so much! For the League, the open opportunity to join, for being less concerned with money makin sponsorship than the community's ability to inspire, enlighten, educate and alleviate the island effect of being a toy lovah! ;)
      Since becoming aware of the league through Brian over at Goodwill Geek and Miss M of Diary of a Dorkette, blogging has become exponentially more rewarding....reading and writing. And thanks for the photography love. I am a photographer at heart, who gets waaaay too nervous to actually make a livin from it. I would just die if someone paid me and I didn't come through! So I have turned my inner passion towards my other two passions who will accept me whether the shot looks crisp or not: My children and my toys.
      Try this out, use the viewfinder to frame the object you want to highlight or make "pop". Now lightly press your shoot button until it makes a "beep". This "beep" signals that you have created a focus point and there will be a little box or even a few that show you what will be focused on. The rest of the shot will be out of focus. If the tiny boxes are not over your "focus" point then release the shutter button and re-press it (move your camera a little, adjust the lens if you need to). Just play with it till you get it right :) ..... The Geek taught me how to embed info by speaking to me in simple language. Hope I have been able to do the same for you! And I hope your camera functions similar to mine, or else this is all moot!

  12. Replies
    1. Your welcome, Grey. That's about all I have a mind to accomplish with this blog ;) Your comment made me smile :)

  13. Hi Laura
    Your post for The League was my favorite this week :D
    About the box "Only for Children": I feel your pain :(

    1. Wow! Thanks, Yelinna :) I have so many left to read myself, I think the League is a really great collaboration. So many awesome and quite unique characters goin on there ;) ... If you have a blog then I'm off to find you.... see ya!

      And oh yea, we should start a free box for adults only in our communities ;) That'll teach em!

    2. Ha ha! Yellina! You play with toys more than us all!
      I just stopped by your blog after reading your comment on Boob Bobby... I love what you'e doin there, strange lady ;)

      Your comment forum made me a little nervous (they want access to too much of my biz) so I'm telling you here. :)

    3. Hi Laura!!
      I was perusing your blog and I found amazing stuff (and a couple of heart-touching entries).
      What I liked the most? Your skills decorating with pop culture/vintage items. The photos from inside your house are great!

      The Traveling Picture Show blog where I post isn't mine, but I love it as it were mine. It was created as a fun project by others Livejournal users and eventually was abandoned. I started posting in 2006.
      More about "my" blog history, here:
      I tried to contact the creator but he didn't reply, so I can't admin comments. But I'm happy to read from you here :D :D :D

  14. that slimer photo prop~ i'm trying to think of a reason why i need one.....amazing!

  15. Replies
    1. Right? And hello!
      The Hulk was a bubble bath topper, I'm pretty sure.... you know, "rich kid soap" ;)