Monday, August 12, 2013

Polly .......

Went to KCM  resale for "the dress" again today. No dress but definitely not a bust.....
I picked up this box for $4 because after a little peek through the sides I knew it would be money well spent.
(and all the responsible people chuckled)
Yep. Polly Pockets :)
 And the girls were SO excited! But then they were SO mad when I wouldn't let them manhandle everything..... look at Sarah's Home Alone face, ha ha!
Seriously, these are not re-enactments, folks. These two were livid.
Here's a sample of dialogue that was spat at me during the whole Polly Pocket
 freeze out:
"You're mean! God said you need to share. To share for girls!"
"Awww, mom! I wish when I grow up I could remember that when I was a little girl you let me play with that box."
And I heard Sarah whispering "We're gonna make a clubhouse. So we can sneak that box..."
And yes. That is a real tear.

I also got this sheet set (fitted and top!) for $4.  I think an ebay seller must've died because there was some amazing stuff today. But $10 was my budget/all I had to my name : / 
(and all the responsible people chuckled again)

So now, in two trips to look for a suitable dress I have successfully spent my dress allowance.
So I will have to wear this sheet.
I can work it ;)
Soooo, I know this post is becoming tedious......
but later I snuck into my room with the box and pulled it all out.
 This is my memory of Polly Pocket....
 And this little one.
I actually remember owning this lip gloss one. But unlike this previous owner, I ate mine all up.
 Talk about some "rich kids toys" ! Like, I didn't even know about all these multi-level set-ups....
 And freakin ponies with hair braiding and accessories action?!
I should've taken more shots of the business inside but the girl's could have came in at any moment......
 Gabe came in but I allowed it.
He got a few hand swats....
 And a super bonus of Snoopy awesomeness was also in that box :)


  1. You totally rock that Smurfs sheet. Do you sew/know a seamstress? I've been seeing dresses and tank-tops on Etsy that were sewn out of old Star Wars sheets... just an idea... Maybe the dress budget didn't totally got to... not buying... a dress? Plus: Snoopies!!!

    1. Semi-asian lookin gal with blunt bangs? I have been eyein those Star Wars dresses for a good bit... I sew, but not so well.
      But I could never desecrate these sheets... it would go against my inner vow to appreciate all things kitsch/nostalgic/vintage/weird/unique/rare/odd/cheap. Pretty much, most things. Which Snoopy is your favorite? Mine's the "chillaxin with Woodstock" Snoopy

    2. Pretty much in any situation where there are 5 equally cool Snoopies... I go with Halloween every time. We have a few we hang on the tree every year, including (I think...) the one holding actually holding a tree in the picture above.

  2. Good eye spotting all those goodies inside that box my wife would love the Snoopy toys.

    1. I can't walk away from a "mystery box" without wondering about it's contents for a week... ;)
      You're wife sounds like good people, John!

    2. Mystery Boxes can be wonderful and my wife the same and she is one of the best putting up with my crazy collecting habits and flea market runs for GI Joes and other stuffs lol.

  3. The sheets... I NEED those! Oh, and I agree. I never new about all those other fancy Polly pockets:( I'm coming over to play... Promise i won't lose, tear up, or chew on any lifeless figures ;)

    1. Come play!! But we'll have to hide in my room so the kids won't know....

  4. Wow! 4 bucks for that bin of stuff! Wow. That is awesome. Really fun blog!

    1. Hello! I am familiar with your blog, Miss M :) I have often ran into it over the last year in my random google searches for childhood toys! I have so many blogs on my reader that have turned into Sponsor Post-O-Roma this last year and frankly, they're just boring now.... I've added yours and look forward to enjoying regularly.
      You're tale of first love with your She-Ra cracked me up!

    2. Hey Laura! I am so glad you enjoyed the She-Ra story. lol I am always trying to make things fun. I'm also really bad about returning comments. lol I get so sidetracked with everything. I hope you are doing well, and I enjoy reading what you write! It is a lot of fun. I hope you are doing well, and you have the most coolest and cutest kids. Hope all is well!