Sunday, August 11, 2013

A thrift haul on a HOT steamy day......

We hit up our Goodwill this afternoon, real spur of the moment style. I need to find a dress for an upcoming wedding but wouldn't you know it, I couldn't find a decent dress. I kinda knew "the" dress wouldn't be there.
But you know how it goes when you're goin with someone else. You gotta provide them with a "score object". I don't relate, but most folks need to feel buoyed to a specific item that they're searchin for.
So, the dress was in the scope but you better believe I was scannin all angles ;)
And I scoped some pretty good stuff for a little over $7.
 A 1981 Garfield dressed as a Canadian cop or Simon Pegg in Hot Fuzz (maybe not completely accurate)
 The miniature terrarium to end all terrariums!
 I can't stop buying any doll that speaks of Mexican heritage.....
 And I can't stop buyin cups!
 But isn't this one awesome?! And I'm sure that this part of Disney has been long renovated into somethin more Pixar-y related and I never got to go to this attraction and now I never will so at least I can hold this cup and drink a refreshing iced tea from it.....
Almost the same thing.
 Had to have it. It's a girl thing :)
 A 1985 Treasure Troll. Not a huge troll fan, but somethin is happenin to me lately and I'm kinda diggin em'. And you know anything small and unmarked you get for 49 cents, anyway ;)
I always act nonchalant when I ask the cashier for a price, like they'll suspect the weird little object I'm tryin to buy is actually worth somethin and slap me with a big number (irrational, I know) .
 And the BEST thing today! A Puppy Surprise!
 (another "rich kid toy" I always coveted as a youngster)

 And YES! This is the "Surprise"!
 Mortifying, disturbing, a whole heapin of way too graphic for kiddos......
 But it's all just nature, right?  ;)
 You know, one of the best parts about scourin the shops for all these little odd and random finds is the extended life of these things. They get a new post, I guess you could say. And I get to see my kids enjoy the same toys I once loved and dreamed about (who's the rich kids now, sucka!)
Toys were just better back then and don't even try to sway me. I'm just a stubborn fool on this one.
I don't see any inappropriate, mock C-section assisted birth toys on the  market for little girl's nowadays. 
Have you?


  1. dangit. you just got the puppy surprise commercial jingle in my many puppies are there inside!??!? There could be 3 or 4 or 5!!! I never had one either and always wanted one, badly...even though in retrospect...they seem UBER graphic. This reminds me that I still have a pile of things for you! I suck and promise I will get them to you sometime before the ball drops on 2014! Also, that sassy squirrel is TOO Much and kinda begging for a name.

    1. I think it's funny that the momma pup's face stays in that peaceful, unassuming puppy look while you're "extracting". It's just all too weird pullin em all out and makes me giggle every time (juvenile much?)
      Hold off on my pile. I have spider sense that it's accumulating girth the longer it sits ;) But seriously, I have a little package for you that is just sittin here for no reason!
      Gonna go Youtube the Puppy surprise commercial....

    2. It's true. It has gotten some additions over time! I have to go to the PO next week...maybe I will get it together by then. It will just be a surprise when you least expect it...and you know I already did youtube that immediately!

      I remember as a child thinking if you got the puppy surprise with 3 would probably be pissed! YOU PAID THE SAME PRICE AS THE PEOPLE WHO GOT 5!!!!

    3. also, how many times do you play with the puppy surprise before the surprise wears off?!??!? I may have to blog about this soon...and if I do...I will TOTALLY site you as my muse.

  2. I remember puppy surprise!!! Awesome that you found one! Also the treasure troll is great too! I've always loved those hairy guys with the big eyes.

    1. Isn't it a weird concept for a small child? But it's so cutely packaged, all pink and fluffy. I was just tellin someone about your blog and your AWESOME kitsch giveaways, Suzy! I'm lookin at my coaster set right now on my counter.... classy!

  3. oh my gosh i wanted a puppy surprise SO BAD but never got one! i remember there was a bear too, that was even grosser because it was sitting up to the baby hole was right where a real baby hole would be. ha!

    1. HA HA HA!!! RAE!!! So funny...... baby holes.... yes.