Monday, August 26, 2013

I told ya'll Bloggers were the best folks!

So today was a most awesome day. So many random acts of kindness came my way, like the lady who I met once asking me on facebook if she could buy my girl's some lunch kits (yeah, she saw Ava's photo with the much outdated A.L.F. lunchbox) and the lady who bought our vintage bouncy horse right when we were wondering how long our cars were gonna keep runnin on E? 
But really the cream on top came floatin in on my porch.....

The kids were all like....

And I was all like......
And he was all like..... "What now?"
A fellow blogger who copied my whole life down to the details of how many kids I have, sent me a big box of heart-warming, shriek inducing goodness. It was like a Happy Meal exploded! And funny enough, I stumbled onto his blog in a "vintage Happy Meal toy" google search. The blog is called Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks and you know if I'm prone to judge a book by it's cover, that title had me intrigued! And the "Geek" turns out to be an extremely gracious, intelligent, entertaining, well written blogger. The content is really funny, and I love how it feels like a conversation between a few slackers (highly intelligent ones) on the couch.   And because I can't go out and prowl like I used to, it's real good to live vicariously through his blog. Everything he buys, I would buy! So when he scores, it feels like I scored, too! 
We all sat around the table while I opened up the box. Yes, I made my guy!
But it didn't take much convincing, he was curious.....
And everybody sat around playing, pulling things out and going "AHHH!!" 
And then he found somethin that captured his imagination......
He started musing over a little car with Mayor McCheese at the wheel. I actually was jottin down what he wrote (because this is real, quality journalism goin on here, folks) ;) 
He started off kinda quiet "Man, I'm surprised he let up off that one...that's back when they made things right. Look, it says 1984 and it still works good, this little thing's awesome...."  
And then he got lost in appreciation, along with the rest of us..."See this stuff is cool to me cuz it brings me back to when toys were cool. Toys back then were cool, even the happy meal ones. This stuff now is lame, dude."

I mad a pile of my favorite stuff.....

Notice this journal says "For the stranger sides" .......
But out of it all, these two were tops :)
This E.T. really made me laugh because it's part of his Goodwill Hunting beginning.
 I feel mighty privileged to own it and do treasure it :)
 This pirate mug he sent got chipped when Ava opened the bag but he still fits right in on the built-in. And how appropriate that he's guarding a stack of "LGB" (a minor obsession of the Geek's).
So, thank you, thank you, thank you Goodwill Geek! You upped the atmosphere over here, man. 
It was a truly great time we had at our table, laughin and sharin in all that you're box had to offer. And you even managed to coax my guy into my "inner circle" for a brief but very meaningful moment.
And that, you gracious dude, is priceless.
May you reap what you sowed, and may you be highly favored in all your endeavors :)


  1. AGH! I am literally misting up over here! I am so glad you liked everything... and getting your guy into the mix... well that is just priceless. I think you have given my the kindest and highest compliments I have ever had as far as the writing on my blog... and that pirate NEEDED that chip... it gives him a battle scar and a bit o character!

    I am such a hoarder I have to sometimes MAKE myself give things away... but giving it to a family that will appreciate it so much makes it so much easier to do. I'm just so pleased.

    There'll be more packages in the future, I'm sure, but I'm so glad this one was a ray of sunshine for you guys right now!

  2. love that mug and mayor mccheese!!!

  3. Derek is just a awesome guy and it is so wonderful that he sent along that care package. : )

  4. I love it when stuff like this happens in the blogging community! It's always nice to get a surprise package in the mail and when it's something the whole family enjoys together, that's true magic.

  5. Yeah Derek is really amazing. This was such a nice post Laura. It is wonderful to know how wonderful people are out there in the world. Thanks for sharing this!

  6. How Sweet! Mayor McCheese rules! Also digging your California Raisins...I had a collection of them back in the 80s....but ended up selling them at a yard sale in the 90s.

  7. WOW! You had that one coming sis