Friday, August 23, 2013

Celebratin' folks

I don't blog like I used to, do I? It's not to build any suspense, I promise ;)
Life's just full of toothaches, recent family estrangements, financial tight spots and such.
But life's also full of really, really good things that are so much more consuming than that stuff.
Like my guy turnin 35! 

 I truly, truly celebrate this man.....

                                     And then a couple days later my sister Coley turnin 29!
 Delena was sweet enough to bring a cake for my sister's birthday.
We are broke and didn't get her a thing, just let her spend a week at our house which she claims "is an awesome gift!" Guess, we are pretty neat ;)

 What a beautiful, well made cake, buddy!

 You obviously put a lot of love into it and you obviously didn't smash it on accident. ;)

The girl's head out to school on Monday mornin and it'll just be me and the boy.
Kinda lookin forward to it :)


  1. Life is really is good and everyday is a blessing. Thanks for sharing a little of yourself with all of us. Happy Birthday to Husband and Sister. : )