Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Thanks for the night out Ghost Buddy :)

Hey buddy. 
This blog's for you.
Thanks for stealin me away for a night out.
Thanks for budgeting and buyin us some dinner....
Thanks for lettin me shamelessly lay down on that $5,000 couch in that ridiculously expensive store that rhymes with Manthropologie.
Thanks for bringin the cheese as you excitedly posed with various items we couldn't afford in that store...

Though there was one item that truly saddened you with it's unattainable price tag.....

Thanks for steppin away to talk to a random security guard while I had my fill of people watchin and makin fun of over sexualized rich white teenagers makin a fool of themselves to salsa music. It was embarassing just bein white at that moment......
 Thanks for agreein that next time we'll eat at Ruggles so we can make fun of people during our meal.....
 Thanks for sometimes evaporating and becoming my best ghost friend.....
 Thanks for accidentally photobombing while you instinctively try to fix my hair......
 And thanks for squeezin off a little smidge of your ghost powers for me.....
I love ya Buddy!


  1. Haha. This is sweet and looks like you ladies had a good time. Anthropologie - ay, yi, yi - why is everything so ridiculously expensive??

    1. Yep, it was definitely a much needed girls night. Anthropologie can kiss my boo-tay ;)

  2. I love this... next time we'll dress like ghost busters

    1. I would prefer to be the receptionist, Janine.

  3. next time i wanna go :) glad u guys had fun, too bad next time but legofest was fun too! love i both :)

    1. Love you, too. Let's plan a night, Michelle too! <3