Sunday, June 22, 2014

This Sunday

This Sunday........

 I woke up with a renewed desire for working with children. I woke up with the idea that one night of our bi-weekly gatherings I would spend with the children instead of in adult discussion. I mulled it over for about a minute or two and then made the mental decision to say YES to this idea.And once I said yes, a peace and excitement filled me up.
In our nursery classroom we set about teaching the lesson packet that is provided for us.
It's the usual Sunday school type stuff, today being baby Moses. Of course we emphasize on the fact that there were great big alligators in that river he floated. Now that's a story ;)
We ask a simple question, "Are you a big brother or sister?"
Then a regular day in nursery becomes something else.....
"I have a big brother. He had to move to grandma's and I miss him", says one tiny girl who's visiting for the first time. Her eyes are welled with tears.
"I'm a big sister, my mommy's having a baby! My daddy's in jail for yelling at my mommy and I miss him", says little friend who I absolutely adore. 
"The cops came to my house because daddy was yelling at my mom", says Gabe's little buddy......
You know, it's just life. Church is full of people who are living a life just like everyone else. From the outside it appears like a country club where all the happy shiny people meet up to exhort each other in their good deeds. I used to believe the same way. And now I know that it is the farthest thing from reality.
So what do you say to a room full of little children who open up like this? There isn't anything in today's lesson about daddy's in jail or brothers who have left you without notice.....
You just pause for a beat, you close your eyes and give God the heart signal.
"Hey, I trust you. Please say what they need."
And you tell them you and Mr. Jerome fight, too, sometimes. When they open their little mouths in shock, you assure them it is true, all mommy's and daddy's fight sometimes. And sometimes they yell. But you know what, it's not about you at all. It makes you feel sad and scared and you really think you did something to make them upset but mommy's and daddy's are having a hard time in this world and it makes them overwhelmed. But you are their treasure, the best thing they've got and they love you.......
You know, we don't judge those parents. We have been there. Of course on a less dramatic scale these days but we are currently in and out of these moments ourselves and are teaching our kids the same thing.  And it amazes me that what we are growing in at home was needed for our little friends.
This Sunday,
 God confirmed a dream in my heart to work peace into the little people's lives.
And I say yes.