Thursday, June 12, 2014

Summer feels good

Summer's almost two weeks in and I'm not willing it to pass us quickly. I enjoy my children home.
This is after all, where they belong most in the whole world.
I hope to never be one who says "I can't wait for school to start..."
That's kind of equal to saying "I can't wait to empty my life of my children so I can do me."
But now that I've said that all hoity toity you can bet it'll come rollin out of my mouth by the weekend! That's usually how it goes, folks ;)
 The grass is thick and cool.......
 The kids pile in the bed one by one as they awaken, no deadlines loomin over us......
 Spiderman's still keepin the place safe and secure......
 Momma cleared out a space to make room for something special......
  A wise man plants seed in good soil.......
 And a foolish woman teases a friend with selfies in her bed while she's out workin her fanny off.....

 It's been a hard few months without my stronger half around. Two jobs keep him as a pop in guest it seems most of the time. I'm a natural introvert and am not prone to loneliness or boredom but I guess I've just grown pretty fond of this guy over the last decade because boy have I been missin his goofy laugh around! But this season will pass one day.............
I'll be here a lot more this summer. Maybe one day this silly blog will be special to my babies.
In that case, I better put our memories down....


  1. Hey Laura great seeing you again hope there are more post to come and i just love how green that grass was in that one picture. Reminds me of my lost youth when i would run around barefoot in the bluegrass of Kentucky....Man, that has to be one of my best memories ever because i smile every time i think about it.

  2. Nice to hear from you again, Laura! Good to know you and yours are still enjoying life. I hope that summer makes its way up here on a more long term basis. We had to wear jackets to an outdoor concert last night!

    This week League of Extraoirdinary Bloggers assignment is to show off something you made. I think it's right up your alley!

  3. Good to hear from you guys! That Texan grass looks so lush and green, like a nice comfy shag carpet!

    Hang in there with the 2 jobs. I know how it is, the Lord Jesus will help us through anything. God bless Sister! Keep enjoying that beautiful family of yours. :) See ya on Instagram and hopefully on blogger from time to time! I've been able to blog a little bit more and it sure is good to be back.

  4. Hey Nerd.. You have new followers :) very cool. I so thank u for being awesome with a touch of insainity