Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer Treasures and BOWIE

With Jerome workin two jobs to float this ship I don't spend the way I used to lookin for second hand treasures. A few months went by that I didn't even stop in to any and I honestly didn't miss it.
But now that the kids are homebound for summer break we're all itchin to get out once in awhile.
Some people go on real vacations and trips but we're just not there yet. One day! ;)
I thought about The Goodwill Geek on this one. If he ever admits to liking vintage Avon perfume bottles it'll be on it's way up north.
 And I've always wanted a new one of these soft llamas!! When I was little my granny gave me an old family of them that must have been from the 60's and I literally loved them to shreds. This one's a newer one I'm sure but only cost me a buck :)
 I had to grab this guy from Spirited Away for a special someone who's going to be 14 soon ;)
I've been squirreling away a little bundle this past year for her. Do any of you have little hamster piles tucked away for other's birthdays and such? I have so many in so many different spots that I often leave some gifts out on accident. If I ever sent you anything I guarantee that I missed a couple of your things! I've found several things I meant to send off at Christmas.....
 And of course this found it's way over here.
I never set out to be but somehow it just crept up on me.
I'm a Ziggy fan. And this cup sums up my whole being.
 And this retro southwestern frog scrub brush holder (what a mouthful)
sums up my whole house. Don't be jealous.
 Records are not around so much in the usual places I notice.
Today when I was checkin a fresh stack I figured out why I probably hardly see them anymore.
I had just crouched down to thumb through the box and this dude comes up and just hovers over me. I thought he may have been you know, a little slow or something, so I just ignored his presence. Then I notice him trying to get these blue latex gloves on and I really look at him. He just stares right back at me with an intense look. And then his wife comes up and rubs his shoulders and says "Good luck, honey."
HA!! I could barely control my urge to chuckle!
I may or may not have bought a few extra ones that I would have left just because I sensed he would get them. I may or may not be a crappy person just like a lot of other folks ;)
Here's a few that I got today....
 Ummm, just because they will make awesome gifts for a certain Ms. Jones ;)

 AND OMG BECAUSE I ONLY EVER RESERVE AN OMG FOR THE MOST AWESOME OCCASIONS (bearing in mind, the "G" for me means "gorgonzola")
It's totally disgusting cover actually has black mold inside it and I had to wipe mold off the record before playing it.
But it's beautiful.
And I may feel a little sick and queasy since messing with it.
But it's Bowie, man.

 P.S. The Trash Man made me be a blogger again by announcing that I was back to documenting.
Thanks for speakin what wasn't into existence, buddy ;)


  1. Welcome back! :D
    I think you'd go a little crazy at Witch City Consignment in Salem where I go pretty frequently. I picked up some albums over the weekend too, but you'll have to pop over to the blog to find out what.
    Like the Snoopy bottle, I think we have one around here somewhere too. Love, love, love that llama. He looks pretty smug.

    1. What are the record prices like? I pay a buck for them here at Goodwill and my local charity shop. At that price I can buy music I'm not familiar with to give it a shot.
      The llama is front and center in our living room :) And I will just have to go see what you got......

    2. It's a consignment shop so they prices can vary. I got 2 for $3/ea and one was $5. I can't imagine they're more than $5 a pop unless it's something rare that the person wants $$$ for.

  2. man i haven't been to a thrift store in so long. that little soot sprite is so cute!

    1. He was 69 cents, Rae! And I haven't been to an estate sale in forever. Kids are a HUGE no no in one. I took Ava once, who is so sweet and compliant, and a lady came into one of he rooms and said there was a sign on the door that said no children were allowed. I was like, "But it's just Ava. Look I'll put her in my bag" ;)

  3. That frog is cool Laura and my wife would get a kick out of that Avon bottle seeing as she just loves Snoopy. : )

  4. Oh my gorgonzola....a dog song album AND salt and pepa!!! What a good haul!

  5. Oh man, do I have hamster piles? I squirl away so many little gifts! I bought a something for my Pop for Father's Day months in advance! I have more little piles awaiting certain holidays. I have a Christmas gift for you that I found in January!!!

    Being in the 2 job boat has made it harder to get out and bargain hunt, but it's a good thing I think. A few times I searched and didn't buy a thing. Just fun pictures. I was so proud of myself. :)

    That Soot Gremlin is AWESOME! We made some of our own using black pompoms and googly eyes. Also, i love that Linus The Lionhearted record! I did some cold cereal research recently, so I immediately recognized the Sugar Bear. Can't get enough of that guy. :D

    Glad to see you posting again Sister, don't ever stop for the love of gorgonzola!

  6. I am always excited to see your thrifty finds! I love your blog in ALL its glory, believe me... but there's something telling about those posts that showcase the cool, funky stuff you bring home from your picking trips that just thrills and delights.

    I keep meaning to do a post on the handful of vinyl that I've brought home from Goodwill. I don't have a player, so I mainly collect records for nostalgia, the awesome cover art, or because its from some property I love. Can't beat those .99 cent prices right?