Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Some good developments and a little Guess-tures

Oh my gosh, my last post was all about things lookin up.... they are even better, my friend!
I have so much awesome, never even thought would happen kinda things goin on in our lives right now and the biggest one, unfortunately, is not one I can talk about here. Don't you HATE that when a blogger says something stupid like that?! I do! 
But truly, if it were just my story to tell, I would shout it from the rooftops.... and if the other person involved in the "thing" I'm talkin about is reading this right now, can I just say "Hello, beautiful girl. You are constantly on our mind...." 
Okay, so enough with the mysteries of the deep....
How about some ridiculousness that has no depth at all?
Startin with this.....
 I sold another custom character and made a lil extra cash. This one was actually the first time money hit my palm, so it's technically my first "sale". Yay for for just startin somethin, right? Took me long enough!
Anyway, it gave me a few dollars to spend on some total necessities that we've been lacking in. We got some paper towels, after a month without them (never takin paper towels for granted again!) and we got some trash bags and we got this Troll doll. And I gave it to my best buddy because she helped me buy a dress that was $168 for a wedding. It pretty much evens out ;)
 And ALSO!! I passed up one of those outdoor decorative flags last week at Goodwill. You know the kind, with a ladybug or somethin on it. It was rolled up and I didn't even bother to look...
Today I was just curious about it. I really honestly cannot even tell you why I would be curious to see a tacky yard flag. I hate those things!
Tuxedo Mask, I wanted to marry you when I was 13! I found someone better than you but it's still alright if I have a 4x3 banner of you over my bed, purely for nostalgic reasons okay? 
And I'm sorry, hipster tribal ear gauge guy, that you were 3 seconds too late in pickin it up. I really didn't mean to gloat as I squealed with delight as it unfolded before us...  
 And this deserves it's own post but I've been a lazy blogger lately so I better throw it in while I'm hot....
 If you guys aren't playin Guesstures or anything like it you need to think about starting.
It's really good for your health and vitality, trust me.
 It strengthen's your legs, buttocks and abs.... even as you're merely a spectator you receive a healthy dose of muscle contraction in your abs from laughin.....

Games breed a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie. Just like sports, but without sweat.

Keep practicing, buddy. You'll get your Guess-tures groove goin soon enough ;)


  1. Yay! I really love happy Laura posts!!! Also, that character you painted is the cats pjs!!!

    1. "Happy Laura posts".... I love the sound of that :)
      I should start a series.
      Thanks, Kimmie :)

  2. Hey congrats on all the good newses... Guesstures included! You lot look like you party down RIGHT!!!

    1. Thanks :) It's some good life happenin right now, long over due.
      We do party right, it's so right that most people can't handle it ;)

  3. Love hearing great news coming from your way Laura and those Guesstures pics are priceless. : )

    1. Thank you, John. Good news just needs to be shared, right? ;)
      My family would hate me for posting those pics!

  4. Is it weird that I don't have kids but know that is Doc McStuffins?

    You should totally make up flyers or something to put in grocery stores to drum up some business. I bet some parents would want characters for kids birthday parties or maybe even Halloween :)

    1. It is weird, Dex ;) I have 3 kids and had to google her before I started, ha ha! But we don't watch T.V. for any other reason than the new digital antennas don't work for crap so we just lost interest a couple years ago. And we refuse to pay for cable which was probably their stupid plot to begin with.
      Thanks for the encouragement! I advertise my "service" (ha ha!) for birthdays and parties on a few local fb pages that cater to home business and services. The few customers I have had also have been over the top amazing in sharing my work on their pages and their social groups. It's been a pretty awesome blessing!

    2. Do you get traffic by your house? You could do something Halloween and put it out in your yard with a sign or something. I know if I saw something like that in someone's yard, I'd stop to find out where they got it.

  5. Love the little girl you painted..you have some talent! Looks like everyone had a blast playing Guesstures!

    1. Thanks, Suzy :) We play a lot of games around here and take it very serious ;)

  6. It's good to hear things are looking up! You keep living that entrepreneurial dream, you're doing great!

    I love Charades! Most of my friends hate it because they're afraid of looking foolish. I just embrace the foolishness. It's fun!

    1. Thank you, Mason. It's been nothing but a blessing, God is so good! In lean times, fat times, horrendous and painful times and times of joy and plenty. I am thankful that somethin is comin from it :)
      And that sux! How old are your friends?? Usually after 26 people start comin outta that image protective shell ;) They better, cuz charades is the only fun Christians can have!... totally kidding.
      We can have coofee, too. ;)