Friday, September 6, 2013

A dollar and a dig .....

So I came out of the closet and made it obvious that we're  fiscally challenged.
And it's all good, right ?  Every day we have what we need, exactly what we need.
And I am learning that less is more. And that a dollar goes a long way....if you're willin to dig ;)
 Oh, how sweet it is! To literally have one dollar in your pocket and find somethin for 50 cents that you collect! The local Christian Ministries resale shop sells all small/medium plush for 50 cents. The catch is, they have them all dumped in a huge wooden crate the size of a Ford Pinto.....
 Honestly, I've gotten over my social and public inhibitions and have started gettin into that box to dig. My kids have been scolded a few times for jumpin in, but I reason that was because they weren't serious buyers.
I haven't been told anything yet, so I'm hopin that I've attained preferred customer status and they're gonna let it slide.
So Ernie, welcome to the fam :) I'm gonna keep divin, diggin and searchin till I find the rest of your Applause family....... and maybe a spare monocle for the Count.
Now I have a lot of work to do, and happy to do it!
Our current situation has lit a flame under my butt to put myself out there for paid (gasp!) projects.
I have some custom Aladdin and Jasmine party figures to make and a baby shower banner also in the works.
So the lesson?
A tight spot just squeezes you out of complacency :)
Have a great day, guys!
Yes. I am one of those people who would spend their last dollar on a vintage Ernie plush and two 70's Christmas decorations. 


  1. Am one of those people that would spend his last dollar on a G.I. Joe or a He-Man action figure so am in good company with you Laura. And i shall keep my eyes out for some of these stuff Applause Sesame Street dolls for you too in my toy travels. : )

    1. We'd buy one more thing for our collection before we'd eat, right? ;) .... Thanks, John!

  2. That Sesame Street line-up is SWEET!!! Congrats on the awesome (and awesomely CHEAP!!!) find!!! Gotta love those rummage bins.

    1. FOR REAL. I think I may give myself a $1 allowance a week to document what will come of it... The Dirty Dolla Wednesday.....

  3. i love those sesame street guys! and that bunting it toooooo precious!

    1. Oh my gosh!! Rae! You worked out with Richard Simmons!!!
      That's all I can say to you till this wears off!

  4. Honey don't worry, I will go without food if it means I can purchase something that I know I can't pass up. lol I know that sounds terrible, but it is what it is.

    I love this Ernie! How cute is he? Ernie was always one of my favorites.

    I am also with you on the whole getting creative in a pinch. Ever since losing my job I have found many ways of getting inventive to stay afloat until something changes. I hope your weekend if fantastic, and don't forget, I will be emailing you soon!

  5. You know, I couldn't figure out what was off with the Count until you mentioned him needing a monocle!

    I had the rubber-headed puppet Ernie & Bert when I was a kid and a crocheted Kermit an aunt made for me. Love the big Snuffy, he's cool!