Sunday, September 29, 2013

Haters is a word I thought I'd never use.......

Ever just feel like sometimes you don't want to share your life with certain people? Like they don't even deserve a glimpse into your home even if they don't make their presence known?
I have totally been dealin with that kind of thinking this past week. Not with any of you who interact with me on here, I really like my blogging community peeps :) Ya'll aren't crazy like the facebook Online Yard Sale peeps. Yeah, I was called "evil" and "crazy" by a stranger who had saved an image of one of my banners and made it her profile image and background on facebook. I was apparently out of line for asking her why she did it. My bad, perfectly sane lady who just liked my banner so much she added it to the 4,647 pictures in her albums of other people's images......
So, anywho..... internet drama from strange unknown people and places.... a slew of ridiculous texts of accusation from one of the teen girl's we took in this summer for her own safety.... scathing letters of admonition from a wicked man who had no part in my upbringing but deserves "honor" for bedding my mother in between beatings......
It's all been pretty yucky, for sure. And it all has one thing in common.
 I have a hard time believing that any of it would have been said to me while looking into my eyes.
Not that my eyes have super amazing powers to control the tongue....
But wouldn't that be awesome?!

Is it working?.............

You're probably wondering why in the world someone as seemingly goofy, toy lovin, lighthearted and generally kind would have so many haters. Well, like I've said before. I am a child advocate. When a child comes to me with their own stories of abuse or sexual misconduct I take action on their behalf. And I know this sounds odd, but most of the time the adults involved in the situation don't take kindly to anyone givin those children a voice. It goes against that shadowy atmosphere they love to reside in. And I'm the pesky woman with a flashlight and a bullhorn.
 I love blogging like crazy and I have so much  missin on the docket! So after lettin off the steam I'm just gonna continue to do my thang. And if anyone who has verbally shared their "disgust" for me in private or even to my face (never happens) is here trollin, ask yourself this: If she's so intolerable, why do I come here?
And leave me alone shadow folks. I live my life in the light.


  1. I have dealt with a troll/hater in the past and it was not a pleasant ordeal this certain someone even went after my wife verbally but that storm passed thanks to support of friends thank goodness. Keep kicking those tires of troublemakers and there elk Laura you got my support oh and that stare and smirk of yours has mysterious powers it just has to.

    1. Oh wow, bet that was hard dealin with someone low enough to start in on your wife!! These people are bottom feeders, John and they must be so bitter and lonely :( Kinda pity them this morning.... and the eye is the gateway to the soul so there really is somethin to lookin a person in it. You can see their light or you can see their darkness. And darkness by nature will not and can not be in the same space with light. It's a spiritual and a scientific fact, brother. Thanks for always havin a kind word, John. Be blessed today!

  2. Replies
    1. Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.
      A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. Ecclesiastes 4:12

  3. Sing your truth load and proud sister girl.

  4. I've got nothing but love for you Laura !! In fact quite the opposite of hate!!!

    1. Kimmie Jones :) :) I got lots of love for you, too! Truly, truly do.....

  5. Suzy, that's true perspective :) Thank you, I like that a lot..... people are getting more brazen and nasty by the day but we have so much goodness and real family love to trump that!

  6. "And I'm the pesky woman with a flashlight and a bullhorn." hahahahahah! hmmmmm... maybe you should come to my school

  7. Emily!! Hi :)
    Maybe one day I just will ;)
    One day....