Friday, July 19, 2013

Round Top, Texas

 I miss keepin regular on here.... Now it's done been a week since this all happened and I just aint gonna tell it as good as it was ;)
 My mom, Delena and I spent the weekend in Round Top, Texas. It's a yearly retreat I go to and look forward to all year.....this year I was still just too heavy hearted to really get into what I usually come for... but I still enjoyed much of it all the same. My buddy was there and us havin a weekend out was a first!
 I know the handful of readers here will understand why I took a picture of the innards of this fridge ;)
 We didn't hang around Round Top for the afternoon break. We're a bit more serious about our junk and needed more than overpriced boutiques and southwestern metal art....So we headed over to the next town, La Grange.

 Man, I wanted this lamp!
 And this pusher toy!

 I've got the Santa on the left, paid a buck for it somewhere. This one was $10! I really almost got the middle one....

 I needed this. I really did.
 It's a mystery how I'm survivin' without it.....
 This lady was so sweet. I hate that I let a week go by, now I don't remember her name :(
She sold me a mess of old toys for 10 cents each. They were her daughter's who had passed away.
Shoppin' in the places we do, in the manner which we scour for the old and well loved, we are bound to hit these bittersweet moments ever so often. I think that there's somethin more deep to what we do, than just "lovin old stuff".... I think we love history, family, warmth and memories.....
 When I asked about this bee, she said "Lord, where'd you find that?"
It was as she said, once on a wreath at her husband's great grandpa's funeral and shouldn't have even been out for sale.... No biggie ;) I'm glad that I found it for her.
I did get some great stuff, I'll nail it down tomorrow  :)



  2. that looks like a really great time. i love that weird little doll on the bike thing with the puppy too.

    1. It was $24.... I just couldn't do it.
      Or maybe, I just couldn't do it in front of my mom and buddy ;)
      Havin others with me keeps me grounded.... a good thing!

  3. boy....and I thought i had seen some racist vintage! BOY OH BOY! haha. but for real the inside of that fridge was pretty. I would have photographed it too

    1. Soooo glad you got that I was finding the absurdity in those ridiculous little figures!! If my head and heart were on straight I would have gotten some much grander pics of that fridge.... the exterior was pea green but the world will never know ;)

  4. that bee reminds me when lock tried to scare you with one similar to it lol

    1. Ha ha!! Great times... I'll never forget that, one of my favorite memories ever! And indoor bar-b-que, you big dummy ;)