Thursday, July 25, 2013

A controversial table, indeed

Let me first state that if you are related to me and have been directly involved with or even just chose sides in the ongoing custody battle of Coley's table, you may want to exit this space....
 You have been coveted by many, for various reasons including but not limited to: vintage appreciation, spiteful greed, your potential resale value, vindictive and competitive hoarding, and genuine love for your curvy, pea green vibe.

 You have chosen wisely to come live with us. We will do well by you, lovely lady....
 But we all know that even though I will make out with you for now, you truly belong to one person......

You will one day be united ;)


  1. I love you forever! Its in its rightful home. Wonder what she said?

    1. You are a nutjob honey, with just enough sugar.

    2. OH MY GOSH! What is Jerome doing on the blog???? It's over! AND at 4:25 AM??? That dude rocks!

    3. You all rock!!! At 12:46 am!!! I love ya'll :)

  2. Ha ha! Looks like the table and chairs are where they belong!