Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why my blog sucks, David Bowie and skills......

So why does my blog look so plain you ask?

Well, I can't figure this crap out...... bear with me.

I have a vision, I just have no computer savvy skills. Just nunchuck skills. And that, my friend, has gotten me nowhere in life. So what are your most useless skills?

Here's mine.
1. Pipe cleaner cratfer extraordinaire. My teen nephew has picked up the "trade" recently. I honestly think he has surpassed my "skill" level.
2. Making puppets from anything on hand and in a pinch. Handy in a classroom of 3-4 year olds.
3. Picking things up with my feet (yes, that's a played out skill, eveyone's claiming it)
4. I know all the words to The Last Unicorn, Labrynth, and Dark Crystal. This is a childhood skill that just
    gets better with age.

                                     A small child ate the cover of Labrynth. Sacrilege!

In my proofreading I have decided these are actually not useless at all! To each his own.  And I finally got the Goblin King to stick on the background of this blog. So we have progress people. It's starting to happen.......


  1. I'm pretty good with a bow staff. I wish I had some computer hacker skills though.

    Awesome trilogy of movies you've got there! I'd add just one more, The Black Cauldron!

    1. We actually have it! But I'm soooo on the fence with it, ya know? It's pretty dark for the kids. I still love it though ;)