Thursday, August 16, 2012

Documentations of a boxlike dwelling

 So we've lived in the same ridiculously small apartment for the last five years and I am so ready to move into our first home! We should close on our house in the next couple of weeks (fingers crossed) and I really should start packing. Of course I am thrilled to be moving but it's also weird that we'll never be here, in this space ever again in our life. Two of our 3 kids were born while we were here (major reason we've been financially unable to upgrade the lifestyle) and so much life molding has happened up in this joint. It's a good thing, though. The only constant in life is change and boy do we need one!  To humor my nostalgic side I'm gonna make sure to photograph every inch of this place so my babes can see what they'll never remember about their tiny years home. Kinda wish I had some photos to look at like that.......
The wall behind our recliner.  Lots of things I enjoy :)
Succulents never quit on me. 

vintage hand puppets gifted from granny. shadow box worthy, huh?

I've started a collection of dolls who look like my niece Emli. I have a little eskimo that needs some repair, she'll join them soon.

This little guy is half of a salt/pepper shaker set. He's quite lonely :(

This is a cigar holder. It says "Whale of a Guy" on it's forehead.

Random friends. That antique cookie jar owl was $3 !

More to come soon, guys. As soon as I can straighten up, you know I gotta showcase this box bloggy style.
As an old friend once said about me, "I cain't have no superfluous dishes up in here, mayne!" true story.

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