Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oh, how I've put this off. Because really, how vain is it to presume that strangers would care what an anonymous woman would have to spout off about? And really, who has the time and creative energy to keep the ball spinning? Like how much would I really commit to this, I have never finished anything "big" in my life.
But you know what, I get so much out of other's blogs it just makes me wanna document this life of ours, too. How cool in a few years to be able to look back at our story. And be able to so vividly recall my emotions and perspectives because it was written down. That's awesome :) 

So, hello stranger. Or no one..... This already feels pretentious.


  1. Replies
    1. What. The. What?!
      I'm the only one who archives from the first post....

    2. And just realized I didn't even have the sense to "title" this post.

    3. When I saw your blog only went back about a year I HAD to check it all out. I feel really stalker-ish now. But I was curious how you got started. I haven't been blogging much longer than you at all. Our time-lines are eerily similar. The blogging thing, the house buying thing... you're just a few months behind me.

      So... I'm winning. :)

    4. Touche' (in Zach Galfianakis voice)

    5. And don't feel bad. I spent a whole 4 days reading every single post from a mega blogger's archive. I'm talkin 08' to now. It's a thing!

  2. I'm glad I checked out your first post. It's freaking awesome!

    1. It's not even titled. ;)
      I am really, really glad that I started. So much life has happened in the last year and a half.... I hope to continue for as long as Blogger remains free..... thanks for takin a time warp, Mason!