Thursday, February 12, 2015

Golden years

The night that my kids finally figured this out like all kids must do.
It's like a right of passage or something......

Yesterday Gabe said he didn't want to hold my hand anymore.
These little days are rolling on through and I'm not quite ready. I get comments from people often about how great it'll be when they are all of to school and asking me if I'm glad that the stay at home years are just about over. 
My initial response to that would most certainly be offensive so I just politely say
"Not quite yet."
These are the real golden years. 
Old age and family dispersement doesn't feel too golden to me...


  1. Replies
    1. Oh gosh, you have a teenager already. You are actually ahead of the game.
      Wait..... just realized another similarity. I bet your daughter is the same age as Emily.
      *insert Twilight Zone music*

  2. Oh Laura, I can only hope that I find a way to become Mother Time and slow things down for you so that these moments can last a lifetime. I adore your family so much, and I am glad you are sharing these moments with us. I hope you are doing well!

    1. Your comments are like a warm hug, Michael. I think about you every single day, lady. Sending my love to you, friend....