Monday, February 9, 2015

Gabe's Pee-Wee Shindig!

Oh, hello there. Lets just resume as if I haven't been absent here for over a year ;)
My only son turned five this weekend.
It was the best day, from first waking to hittin the sack.
I had grand dreams of painting all the characters of Pee-Wee's playhouse, recovering an old armchair and transforming it into Chairy, making a full on Pee-Wee photobooth, tailoring a men's grey suit waaaay down to fit Gabriel, creating a bullseye game with a picture of Pee-Wee's nemesis, Francis, on it and so much more....
but you know what? I'm learning to slow down a lot. I'm learning to balance my life in a way that I don't miss out on the relational opportunities because I'm so busy in my adult version of coloring or playtime. I'm glad I kept it simple. There was a whole lotta life I would've missed on this wonderful day if I had not simplified..........

My sister got here early to help me by making the cupcakes and a cake. While I was taking a shower a glass shattered everywhere and she had to toss the batter! I came out to find my sister gone, no cake and 30 minutes til the party. This cake was literally a whip up and by the time she got back with store bought cupcakes I had it neatly displayed. Still pattin myself on the back on this one ;)

My sister went utterly crazy on spoiling this boy. She bought him every last character from the playhouse on ebay and some of the vintage merchandise. We waited till after the party to give him the rest because we both know that other people's kids have not been trained in proper toy handling. 

He was so appreciative of everything and very impressed! I would usually stay up late working on party things to surprise my kids but losing sleep isn't in line with trying to find balance. It added more dimensions of fun to this with letting him be a part of the planning and occasionally "helping". He was so proud to show his friends!

These two were here. My heart still overflows with the joy from this day....
My parents came.
This was my mom's first meeting......
I know mom. Me, too.....

Cara came out and worked her face painting and balloon magic free of charge.
She didn't want payment but I noticed several who love her practically shoving an offering in her pockets ;) I said to her, "The best advice I can give you is never, ever turn down your blessing." 
She's one of my favorite people.....

Oh, how happy he was with every gift! Nando even bought him a toy and labeled it 
To: Kurt Cobain  (Gabe hates him to call him that. Not because he has any notion of who he is but rather because he wants to be called Pee-Wee)

Emily wanted to rep Sailor Moon but after being continually cut in front of in Cara's line we took matters into our own hands. Looking into her face with total justification for this long was heaven....
I was so present in this moment, 
if I close my eyes now I can still picture her there....

When people asked if they could bring anything, I just replied "Silly String!"

Little boy, you just don't know how much you are loved.
Happy Birthday, my son......


  1. Such a wonderful time Laura thank you for sharing and i just love the fact that your 5 year old son even know who Pee Wee is so in that am amazed.

    1. He's been watching old vhs of the Playhouse and his two movies since he was little so Pee-Wee's really dear to him. I love that I get to continue my love for Pee-Wee through my kids, too!

  2. I love that you guys are raising this boy to enjoy the finer things, and the simpler things. Smart mom.

    1. thank you, Geek.
      I have a feeling your kids would gel nicely with mine. At least Pee-Wee boy ;) Gabe would forever love him for that taped face. I need to show him that tomorrow.....