Saturday, January 25, 2014

Free pizza is sometimes awkward.

Hey guys !
I didn't miss blogging for a bit. Until I found out that The Geek had rolled out a brand new blog out of nowhere! Here I was just assuming he was hibernating through this crazy weather seeing as he lives at the tippy top of America but he was totally morphing into a butterfly over there. I bet he was a cute pupa ;)
But seriously, it gave me a fresh buzz for this stuff.
January will pretty much go on undocumented but like they say, "If something happens without being blogged about does it even make a sound?"

So today was gorgeous and sunny so we grabbed the free kid meal coupons I'd been saving for a special occasion (I've come to the conclusion that those "occasions" never arrive and we end up throwin those deals in the trash once they expire. So just use it!)
But I didn't really think it through and it was pretty awkward assuring and reassuring the nice young waiter that No, I was fine and I wouldn't be ordering. Jerome warned me that it would be embarrassing to use those vouchers without ordering a meal for myself!  It was so awkward that I colored on Gabe's little menu sheet the whole time they ate, ha ha!
Has anyone else been such a cheapskate??

It was a beautiful day though, ya know? I like getting older. I like the fact that my kids and my friendship with Jerome are all I really need. I like being content with not having everything I want.
I hate lemonade but I like makin it.
Missed you guys and gals!

I'm sorry for not responding to comments for a good while. That's pretty lame of me, I know :/
Here's to better communication in 2014 ;)


  1. Been down this road with my wife too Laura when she wasn't working and then again when she broke her ankle and wasn't working. Thank goodness for her family and her head for money. Sounds like life is still great your way and you been missed onot here in the blog-o-sphere so it's wonderful to see you once more. : )

    1. Yes, John! It builds character to work your way up in life. We've also been helped along the way and learning to grow deeper roots whenever someone "fertilizes" you also instead of becoming dependent on their drip also builds character. Thanks for always havin a kind word, John. It's appreciated! Tell Kelly Jo hello from Texas ;)

  2. We missed you. I don't love lemonade either.

    1. Now see, I just "don't love" lemonade, I literally hate it. It comes back up mid esophagus.
      I missed you Kimmie Jones. But I was secretly reading yours... commenting would have made my "break" baloney. That's how I reasoned it out, anyhow.
      I'm lame.

  3. Replies
    1. Well, kind of :/
      I LOVED your post on your vintage stuffed animals! I know you have A LOT more, I feel like I've seen them all around your house in your posts. I will never forget that one post where there was a huge pile of them in one estate sale you showed.....

  4. Replies
    1. Hey, Suzy! I saw you posted over at Derek's Random Guy blog :)
      He's hilarious! You won't be disappointed ;)
      We got twelve snowflakes here in Texas today and the school's are closed.
      I can only imagine what it's like for you!

  5. Oh yes, I've bee n that cheap before. Everyone orders the shrimp and caviare platter, and me? Free bread and water please! LOL!

    But seriously, good to see you blogging again! I read all your posts, but I don't always have the time to comment. :P I hope all is well Sister and God bless ya!