Saturday, April 12, 2014

Broken walls and facetime

Hello again.
Today just felt like a good day to put somethin out there.
Just got off the phone with my mom. We haven't spoken in quite some time.
When I saw her number on the screen I felt a deep relief.  We spoke about Mr. Herb Hennekee, who you can read about here and here.  We talked about a bag of vintage brass animals I found in my garage and that was about it. The thing that has stood between us like a bouncer?
We didn't talk about that. And we may never.
But I want my mom back so it's ok for now.
And just like that, I feel like blogging again......
A few things have changed since the New Year. One huge change is the introduction of technology into my hands. My sister and buddy got me an Iphone and it has been a blessing and a curse!
I have not even picked up my camera in months! All my photos are on my phone, which is so convenient but really just missing that real camera quality and attention. It is pretty awesome to have this particular new super power, though......

It is guaranteed to up the entertainment on any phone conversation.
If you facetime me, chances are I'll answer in costume.
It's totally bettered my life ;)
And just like that I'm ready to close. Baby steps, steps.
But now I feel it comin back :)
Hope you guys are well, I think of you so often.


  1. Hey Laura missed you so am glad your back.

    1. Hey, John :) Thank you, thank you.
      No promises...... ;)

  2. Replies
    1. GEEEEEEEEEK!!!!
      I miss everybody.
      Weird but true.

  3. Yes Yes FaceTime very entertaining with ya... Missed you Sis

    1. You get to live here in (Boo) Bobby's World.
      You shouldn't miss me!

  4. YAY! Welcome back! I feel like I really need to up my game on the facetiming. OH THE POSSIBILITIES!!! I have a whole box of props that could be used!!!

    1. Facetime is so awkward! The initial minute of looking at the other person..... I don't know where to position my eyes! I think props just help me be at ease. Like a security blanket.... I smell a blog topic ;)

  5. i love my iphone so much. yes, it means i take so many less photos with my camera. but i capture so much fun awesome stuff! instagram is my jam!

    1. Instagram is yo jam! Your feed is endlessly entertaining with your humanoid pug children, celebrity photo ops and lest I forget the vintage!!!
      My husband wants me to break up with my iPhone, he's so jealous.... slightly not joking.

  6. Yay! Boo Bobby posts again!

    Don't fear the iPhone, embrace it. My iPhone is what got me back into blogging the first time. Just download that Blogger app and blog on the go!

    Instagram has been a huge diversion for me and I love it, but I wanna start blogging again.

    Anyways, it good to a Boo Bobby revival Sister, keep it going! :)