Thursday, December 13, 2012

Don't fool me like that (say it like Petty)

Disclaimer: This is a story about last Christmas. I didn't have a blog last Christmas. So here it is now aged but full of truth.....

You know when you have a blast spending hours making a super awesome Christmas sweater for a "tacky sweater" party and are so excited to go and laugh with everyone over all the ridiculous creations? And then you get there and the only ones in a "tacky" sweater are the guest you brought and the one guy whose wife made him?... Yeah, that's how life often feels for me.
Hollie, you're a diamond in the rough, girl.

                          Delena, once again not showin out for the partay. Tsk tsk.

Even worse, one 

couple went to 

Goodwill and 

bought 80's 

sweaters that in 

their opinion were 

tacky but were in 

fact quite amazing.

Yeah, they gave 

those sweaters to 

me, better believe. 


  1. hahaha! i wore a tacky sweater to work one year and NO ONE ELSE DID and i felt like customers thought I was serious and I was so embarassed all day! I love your creation.

    1. Ha ha, you felt like such a heel, huh? Can you imagine how my friend who didn't know anyone felt like?! I felt bad for her because she's so shy and I had to convince her how much fun we'd have. They were so lame to not follow through, c'mon folks loosen your panties and ties already! And thanks :)

  2. But she won as I remember! Well, her daughter did. Miss u

  3. I was buying a tacky christmas sweater a few years back and this woman in line took me aside and told me how fantastically beautiful it was and how she wished she had spotted it first. it had a 3d snowman on the sleeve.

    1. Ha! She was totally trying to guilt you out of it, now that's tacky! Is there documentation of said sweater on your blog???

  4. Those christmas jumpers are amazing!! I threw a christmas party this year and made the theme tacky christmas and I was one of the only ones dressed up. It was a laugh though. Also I love those 80s jumpers and would definitely wear both of those :-P

    1. So there's two kinds of folks in this world: those who participate in tacky sweater events and those who haven't got the guts. Isn't it nice to be on the more gutsy side? ;)...Fun fact: In america, a "jumper" is baby overalls :)