Saturday, November 16, 2013

Her Adventure With/out Me!!!!!

Hi Boo Bobby buddies, this is Laura's BF Delena (admittingly self-proclaimed)!  I recently went to Port LaVaca, TX to allow my mom to visit her brother who lives there and while in town i drove myself around exploring all of their little shops; like this one...

Quaint lil over priced antique tackle shop of sorts

         And this one with the sweet little name.  To think I believed that WordArt was a thing of the present :)

EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE  was overpriced except for ONE place!  Ya know how there's always at least that one which kinda sneaks up on ya?  Well this one particular antique store came out of nowhere.... literally!  Driving back to my uncle's house after pier siting and drove by a treasure trove.  I promise i wasn't going to stop after all of my earlier disappointment but i did a quick U-turn after thinking WWLD? That's right; WHAT WOULD LAURA DO?!  Here's a quick look and sorry i cant take pics like her.

Plenty of non-antique miscellaneous 
The lady had so much that i couldn't even see it all and i only had $20, but i did have Laura on the phone almost the entire time as if she were there to share my excitement.  Here are a few items I was almost sure I'd die if i didn't have em...
the book ends
old Avon cologne bottle- $3 but not for me
Just a green owl- MINE

The clock i need

These sad little wall hangings

Of course i thought of my sis, Laura:


Now all clowning around aside, my most prized possessions

That's right!  Comic strip umbrella!

To wrap up... Here's some stuff  I know she'll appreciate me posting:

My uncle's hands, a beautiful church, and a Red caught pier fishing...

The End
Thanks for letting me share!


  1. Replies
    1. Laura would definitely never ask her friend to guest post on her blog and then completely neglect it for a month after leavin everyone hangin..... Laura would never do that.

  2. Very cool and fun! Love seeing things like this so thank you so much for sharing.

  3. I am so glad I added you to the Cave of Cool blog roll so I could follow your adventures. You tell great stories and always illustrate them with terrific pictures. I am a huge collector myself so I understand and love your passion much more than your choices. But I get it and it's fun to follow. Now if you ever run across and Oscar Goldman with Exploding Briefcase.

    1. Thanks, Cal. This is actually a guest post from best buddy.
      And I love that love my passion more than my choices. Sounds like the best breakup line ever ;)

  4. Nice finds! Especially the comic strip umbrella!

    1. She totally bought that umbrella! And then I told her they were giving them out to folks outside the store who signed up for local paper.... ;)

  5. Owls are totally "the bomb"! We have that exact same grey and yellow plush owl. :D

    1. Of course you have the same owl.
      It's becoming inevitable.

  6. Love looking at those little shops filled to the brim with vintage pretties!

    1. Hey, Van. Love me some Thrift Core!! No fair you stop by on the only ever guest post I've had on here ;)
      I called my buddy and told her you swung by. We're kinda childish in that way.